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N-S 82 - Březinka


N-S 82 - Březinka
Locality type: Relics
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Náchod

N-S Březinka is an infantry blockhouse of hard fortification, which formed a part of fortress of pre-war Czechoslovakia. This blockhouse was constructed in 1937. During mobilization in 1938, the building was fully armed (equipped).

However, the building was later deprived of all armour-plate elements but, when the war was over, it fell to ruins, nearly forgotten. Nevertheless, within 1988-2000, Military History Club of Náchod made a reconstruction and introduced it in original stage. The blockhouse is situated near Dobrošov artillery fortress.

This object was built in second stage of resistance. The building is placed in slope, so it is broken, as far as the height is concerned. The object was concreted consistently within 4th and 9th October 1937. It is equipped with drilled, 61 metres deep well. The cubature of iron-concrete reached 1365 cubic metres.


Left side

Cannon, model 36, calibre 47 mm, coupled with heavy machine-gun, model 37, calibre 7,92mm

Two coupled heavy machine-guns, model 37, calibre 7,92 mm, in direction to Náchod

Heavy machine-gun, model 37, calibre 7,92 in a bell

Right side

Two heavy machine-guns, model 37

Light machine-gun, model 26, calibre 7,92 in a bell

Text: Václav Zamba

Photo: google


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