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Safety information

AUTO-MOTO and other services:

The country has comparatively dense nest of private car-workshops, offering their services of good level. However, some problems are caused by lack of original spare parts. Anyway, the prices correspond to standard European relations. The supply with fuel and oil is good. Attention: International „Green Card“ (obligatory liability) could be required on the border from time to time.

The toll fees are paid on several points along main transit roads. Toll-money is received in Macedonia Denars (MKD). However, during main tourist period, traffic police controls very hardly the maintenance of transport rules, especially speed limits. Provided the driver cannot or does not wish to pay a penalty, so the respective travel document could be seized, and the processing at local transgression court could follow.

Owing to outlasting tension between Albanian and Macedonian nations, especially in areas, neighbouring with Kosowo (north-west part of the country) it is not recommended to travel to these areas. And if so, with local attendance only. Nevertheless, in remaining parts of the country, it is necessary to maintain generally valid rules: i.e. to travel in a day only, and if it would be necessary to make a transfer during the night, not to stop and stay in distant parking places, etc.



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