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General Information

Official name:                           The Federation of Malaysia

Capital:                                      Kuala Lumpur

Extent:                                       329 733 square kilometres                        

Population number:                23 millions   

Official language:                     Malayan language (Bahasa Melayu), English, Tamil language

State organization:                  Sultanate

Main religion:                           Moslems (60,4%), Buddhists (19,2%), Christians (9,1%)Hinduists (6,3%), Confutians, Taoists (2,6%), Other (2,4%)

Government:                            Constitutional Monarchy                       



Measures and weights, electric stream: Metrical system, electric tension 220-240V, 50 Hz

Malaysia belongs to most beautiful countries, and for tourists to most pleasant states of South-East Asia. The country is full of life, wealthy and optimism. You can see there the diversity of culture, presenting very interesting mixture of Malayan, Chinese, Hindu (Indian) as well as Aborigine culture customs. Nearly everybody from visitors is astonishing at crazy traffic of Kuala Lumpur, quiet colonial way of life of Hill Station  in mountaneous area of Cameron Highlands or lazy and motionless Langkawi. East Malaysia offers to see impressive nature scenes, wild animals, the houses of Aborigines and respect awoking Kinabalu Mountain.

This mountain is placed on 7th degree in north direction from the Equator, in the very heart of South-East Asia. The country is divided into West and East Malaysia. West Malaysia is a peninsula, composing of eleven states. East Malaysia occupies a part of Borneo Island, consisting from two states, such as: Sabah and Sarawak. Kuala Lumpur is the biggest town and a capital at the same time, placed in one of peninsula part.

Malaysia has tropical climate, which is hot and humid all year round, with a little lower temperatures in mountain areas. The temperatures are moving from 21° C up to 32° C. Malaysia is very beautiful country, mostly covered with a jungle, coastal plain-lands, changing from hilly countryside up to mountaneous regions.

Holidays and Celebrations

Most important Islam celebrations are connected with Ramadan, the ninth month of Moslem calendar. To most famous Malaysian holidays belongs those of Hari Raya Puasa, signing the end of Ramadan, signifying vigorous celebrations, lasting for three days. The Hari Raya Haji presents successfull termination of pilgrimage to Mecca, effected with three days lasting feast, full of cakes and sweets. Chinese New Year in January or February is welcome with dances, processions and joyful state of mind. The Thaipusam Holiday (at the end of January) belongs to one of most dramatical Hindu holidays (it is prohibited in India for the time being).

The feast is taken place as an honour of Lord Subramaniam. It is typical with its masochistic samples of body-piercing. Frankly speaking, this show is unsuitable for sentimental persons. In Kuala Lumpur, the enthusiastic persons are marching to near Batu Caves. In Penang, the holiday is being celebrated in Waterfall Church. Kota Belud Tamu Besar Holiday in May is celebrated with gigantic clan meetings, organized in Kota Belud. Big market forms a part of such festivities, accompanied with traditional ceremonies, solemny dressed horse-riders, Shamans and big quantity of traditional handicraft products.

If you do not be successfull to arrive Malaysia in May, so you can visit smaller festivity (tam), taken place. each Sunday, in Kota Belud.

In Malaysia, you can choose from holidays, as follows:

1st January: New Year

January/February: Chinese New Year

1st February: Federation Holiday (only in Kuala Lumpur and Labuan)

1st May: Independence Day

May: Wesak

June: King´s Birthday

31st August: National Holiday

October/November: Deepavali (except Sarawak and Labuan)

25th December: Christmas Time

December: Hari Raya Aidil Fitri




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