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Malaysia belongs, from safety point of view, to relatively safe countries of South-Asia region.

Moslem Malaysia remained, even after 11th September 2001, a standard safe country. The Malaysian Safety Units are successfull in their fight against groups of potential terrorists as well as Islam militants, who are operating in Malaysian territory.

However, quite frequent robberies of hand luggage, carried loose on your arm, could happen by culprits driving on motorcycle (especially women handbags). Such attacks are often finished with serious injuries of victims, who are lugged even several metres behind driven motorcycle.

So, you are recommended to go at far-away part of the pavement, and against traffic direction, so that the thieves could not surprise the victim from back.

However, there were also noticed some cases, when a purse or mobile phone were put into hand-luggage, and, the respective person was accused of theft, and, as a consequence, he was recommended to solve such affair (without police assistance) by payment of high financial amount.

In past, some visitors of Malaysia became victims of deceits, when they let to be induced to do play hazardous games, and as a result, they were forced to pay enormous financial sums. The culprits of thefts and plundering use fully the inattentivness of tourists and various situations, such as getting into a car, etc.

So, we wish to recommend you to keep the following basic security rules:

do not show the contents of your purse, do not keep your financial means in one spot, do avoid non-illuminated streets and places during night hours, use safety boxes in hotels, and do not leave your luggage unprotected. Further, we wish to recommend you to make photo-copies of your travelling document, air-tickets as well as travel cheques, and its separated deposit. In case of theft, all these measures make all necessary operations much more easier.

Although all this could be taken as formal matter, the theft of travel documentsis necessary to announce to police and let to make written protocole (minutes), which could enable your next negotiations with local authorities. Further, the Malaysian Authorities very hardly catch in the act all punishable act, joined with production, smuggling and distribution of drugs, even the capital punishments could be effected.

We wish to pay your highest attention  during your trips by noght trains or buses, especially on the route Kuala Lumpur-Johor Baru-Singapur and back. Several passengers became as victims during pilferages.

Important Phone Numbers: 

Police and ambulance: 999

Firemen: 994






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