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Owing to an agreement, regarding visa-free entries, the citizens of European Union need for the entry to Malaysia their passports only. Passport´s validity must be minimally six months from a moment when the passengers leave the country. No so called announcing duty is introduced in Malaysia.

So, you do not need your tourist visa, when entering to Malaysia, nevertheless, the length of your stay there does not exceed 90 days. The Immigration Officer puts an entry stamp into your document, permitting your stay in the country for time period of three months. Anyway, you are recommended to check your permitted time period as soon as you receive the stamp. It could happen that the Immigration Officer could put a stamp, enabling shorter permit, as settled in an agreement regarding visa free contacts.

When entering Malaysia, you are obliged to fill in so called entry card. The first part of such card will be delivered the Immigration Officer, whereas the second part would be kept carefully, as this document must be delivered to the Officer in a moment of departure/leaving of the country at border control.

On the other hand, when the passenger arrives to Malaysia, in order to seek for job  (employment) or for studies, he is obliged to ask for stay visa at Consular Section of Malaysian Embassy abroad.

Provided you loose your documents or your passport would be stolen, you are obliged, after obtaining of so called „travelling certification“, obtained at the Embassy of your country in Malaysia, to visit the respective Immigration Office. Here, you are obliged to present your substitutional „travelling certification“, one piece of your photo, police message regarding pilferage of your passport and to pay the respective fee/penalty (MYR 100,- approx.).


Small Vocabulary

Below, you can find essential phrases in Malayan language. Caution: some small vocabularies in English manuals for foreigners, the transcription of which could be too shocking that you would not be able to understand some words.

Essential Phrases

Good morning                                          Selamat pagi

Good afternoon                                       Selamat petang

Good night                                               Selamat malam

Good-bye                                                Selamat tinggal

Welcome!                                                 Selamat datang

How are you ?                                         Apa khabar?

What is your name?                                 Bolehkat saya tahu nama kamu?

My name is…                                           Nama saya…

Do you speak English?                            Tahukah anda bercakap Bahasa Inggeris?

I do not understand                                  Saya tidak faham

Thank you                                                Terima kasih

Please                                                      Sama-sama

Excuse me                                               Maafkan saya

Could you help me?                                 Bolekah kamu tolong saya?

Where could I find phone-box?               Boleh saya tahu di mana ada telefon awam?

I would like to have a phone-call             Saya mahu membuat panggilan telefon

Do you have small change, please?        Adakah kamu ada duit kecil?

How much cost the ticket?                      Berapakah tambangnya?

Yes                                                          Ya

No                                                            Tidak

Great                                                        Besar

Small                                                        Kecil

How much does it cost?                          Berapakah harganya?

Would you give me the address?            Bolekah kamu beri saya alamat untuk

Could you say me how to get...?             Boleh beritahu saya bagaimana pergi ke...?

Where is..?                                               Di manakah...?

Is it far from here?                                    Berapakah jauhnya dari sini?

Left                                                           Kiri

Right                                                         Kanan

Stop                                                          Berhenti

Floor/Basement                                        Tingkat

Floor/Stage                                               Aras

Way/Road/Street                                      Jalan





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