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Safety situation

Information and Recommandations:

- you are recommended to take with some suitable head-dress, owing to local weather

- you would take into consideration general shortness of open public toilets

- would you avoid unsuitable behaviour and dresses (clothing) close to Mosques

- do not make photos of women

- caution: hunting of turtles as well as some sorts of fish is punishable

- it is strictly forbidden to break off the corals and do fishing without permission

- you are recommended to take with diving glasses with breath pipe, as local lagoons belong to

most beautiful ones of the whole world

- do not swim outside lagoons in deep sea, as there is a danger of very strong streams.

- it is necessary to reserve the respective accommodation before your arrival to Maledives

The hotels have nice sea views.

- you are recommended to be dressed in cotton cloths, owing to local humid climate

- nude (nake) presentation is prohibited (including „without upper part“ of women)

- you are recommended to be dressed in tricot and short trousers at least

 (nevertheless, long trousers are better)

- in Maledives, the humidity prevails mostly during the year, January and February are

 the driest period

- tourist saison is all year round, the term since November till April are most suitable period

 for your stay there

- all lonely women could become sometimes a target of provocations from part of Aborigines

- you can buy on spot, without problems, all necessary sunburnt cremes and toilet needs

(including women hygienic inserts)

- regarding criminality in Maledives: it is minimal

- average daily temperatures reach in winter 27° C, in summer reach  31° C

- it rains rather frequently, sometimes even several times a day

- the Maledives have rather special time indication, some islands have its own time

- you can bargain, when buying souvenirs in private shops, on the other hand, the prices in

hotels are more expensive but standard

- as far as the goods is concerned: it is limited to sea products, handicrafts subjects and


- the prices for accommodation are quite expensive (USD 70 - 440 per one night).

So, it is worth to pay in advance an organized stay

- working days are: Saturdays till Thursdays, when all shops are open for public

- the trip from capital Male to the nearest islands costs approx. USD 30 - 60 per one person.

- the helicopter for 15 minutes flight costs USD 60 per one person

- one day excursion to uninhabited island, with unit price, all inclusive, costs USD 150 - 300

per one person

- electric tension in a nest is 240V and it is secured by means of petrol generators

- there is no problem in communication in English in hotels and in offices

- the shops and restaurants are being closed several times during a day, owing to prayers

You are recommended to keep the basic Moslem customs (conventions), such as: dressing, no drinking of alcohol in open space, etc




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