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General Information

Official name:                       The Republic of Mauritius

Capital:                                   Port Louis

Extent:                                    1860 square kilometres

Population number:            1 220 481

Official language:                 English

State organization:              Republic

Main religion:                        Hinduists (51%), Roman Catholics (27%), Moslems (16%)




Mauritius is a top of gigantic volcanic mountain range, where also belongs Reunion Island. Nevertheless, this island is much more older and less divided as Reunion. Numerous, dispersed  and inhabited islands belong to Mauritius, the most important from them is Rodrigues Island. It is also volcanic top, surrounded with lagoon, twice so great.



Mauritius is a paradise for botanists, zoologists and ornitologists. Provided you wish to make acquiaintance with local flora and fauna, you have to visit botanical gardens in Pamplemousses and Curepipe and Black River Gorges National Park in south-west. An interesting note: nearly one third from total 900 plant sorts, situated in Mauritius Island, is of enedemic origin.



Since December till April, hot and humid summer is to be expected in Mauritius, whereas since May till November, colder and dry weather dominates. The temperatures on the coast move between 25-33° C, and in winter the temperatures circulate between 18-24° C. The Highland is the wettest part of the island, nevertheless, the rain could be expected there at any time.



Local population is consisted of four groups, such as: the Hindu (68%), Creols ( 27%), Chinese (3%) and French (2%). Population growth is relatively low (0,9%), despite this fact, one fourth of inhabitants is younger than 15 years of age. The country is placed on leading place, regarding population density. It makes in average 600 persons per one square kilometer, and in towns even 3000 persons.






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