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Travelling to Mexico, you need a passport which is valid for minimally six coming months, when you leave the country, return air-ticket or sufficient financial means for buying of return air-ticket.

When entering the country with motor vehicle, the international driving licence is required, further, technical certificate regarding the vehicle, and if the car would be leased, the rent contract is required as well. At custom house, you are asked to require for a permit regarding temporary importation of the vehicle to Mexican territory, so called „Permiso de importacion temporal de vehiculos“, which is valid for 180 days. This permit is required from the reason that the vehicle could not be sold in Mexico. The application must be paid for, and as a guarantee of its return exportation, the copy of credit card must be presented.

The international vaccination certificate is not required, when arriving to Mexico.

The citizens of European Union, holders of valid passport, are entitled to enter the territory of United States of Mexico without entry visa and stay there for time period of 90 days since the date of entry, provided they have no intentions to seek for jobs. In case of necessity, the length of stay in Mexico could be prolonged up to the deadlimit of 180 days, applying at the respective National Migration Institute. The citizens, who intend to stay in the territory of United States of Mexico for a purpose to be employed there or to study there, are obliged to obtain in advance the respective permits and entry visa at Consular Section of Mexico Embassy abroad.

When entering the territory of United States of Mexico, you are obliged to present your passport and filled in „border bill“ (FMT), distributed just in a plain or presented directly at the respective border crossing. The second part of this „border bill“ will be presented at a moment of leaving the country. At the same time, the Immigration Authorities check the date, if the period of stay in the country, stipulated by visa-permit, was not exceeded. If such occasion occurs, the penalty, amounting to USD 45-500 is required (it depends on exceeding of permitted period, stipulated in border bill), and the respective protocol is concluded. If the penalty is not paid, the departure from Mexico is not permitted.

In accordance with Mexican Immigration prescriptions, border authorities are entitled to check a way how the way or departure from the country would be effected. So, you are recommended to have available your return air-ticket or some possibility to furnish proofs your sufficient financial means, in order to buy your return air-ticket.

Although Mexico concluded with the European Union Countries an agreement regarding stay up to 90 days without entry visa, the Mexican Immigration Officers frequently mark on „border bill“ shorter permitted period of stay as allowed. In case of necessary longer stay, you are obliged, for a fee, to let your permission prolonged in offices of National Migration Institute. So, we wish to recommend you, immediately, during border passport checking, to inform the respective immigration officer about required lenght of stay in Mexico (as a proof, you can do it with your air-ticket), in order your permit would be approved for the whole time period of your stay in Mexico, and not for one part only.

At the arrival, the tourists are obliged to pay so called „Tourist Tax“, amounting to MXN 230. If you travel by plain, this tax is involved in air-ticket price. Provided you arrive to Mexico by plain and travel by motor vehicle to the neighbouring country and return to Mexico through cross border again, you receive, together with new „border bill“ new cash-order for payment of tourist tax. Anyway, an exception from such „double payment“ forms so called recognizing circuit – „Mayo Way“.

In this connection, we wish to contact the office of National Migration Institute in capital Mexico City, Ejercito Nacional  862 - phone. 53872400.

The tourists are not obliged to present their so called announcing duty in United States of Mexico.




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