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Most of Mongolian territory is covered with pasture lands. We wish to recommend you the highest attention, first of all, when taking and using drinking water.

In Mongolia, the criminal activity is not appeared too often. Small street pickpockets are frequently to be met in Ulaan-Baatar streets. The highest risk is menacing in overcrowded places (markets, means of transport, during sighseeing excursions, etc). So, you are strictly recommended not to show your cash money. In public buses, would you therefore pay for tickets with strictly subtracted small change in advance. Nevertheless, a certain risk could present the purchases from un-known private persons. It could be often falsed subjects, obtained by illegal way or antiquities, which are not permitted to be exported.

In Mongolia, no terrorist attack was registered till now, so the terrorist risk in the country is minimal. Nevertheless, some problem for driveres as well as pedestrians is presented with traffic, first of all in Ulaan Baatar. Local drivers generally ignore all traffic rules and are driving very fast.

Another risk factor could present extreme climatic conditions in the country, violent weather changes (even during summer months) and in general, under-estimation of nature elements. So, you need, for your tourist journeys to Mongolia, to be equipped with very good outfit and dressing.


Important Phone Numbers:

Firemen: 101

Police: 102

Ambulance: 103






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