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Safety in Montenegro

Safety situation in Serbia  and Monte-Negro is quite favourite. Nevertheless, this does not concern the territory of Kosowo, where the situation is immense , and safety development could be hardly foreseen. Kosowo is a region of legal chaos . So, the Czech Embassy in Belgrade is not entitled to offer his consular assistance to Czech citizens in need of emergency in this respect.

AUTO-MOTO and other services: Customs authorities accept, with validity since 1st January 2002,  so called green card of international security police of motor vehicles , isssued by Czech police authorities, if the symbol for SCH „YU“ is not crossed. In case of entrance into Kosowo region, you are obliged to buy local „green card“, issued by local authorities of United Nations. You have to pay a toll, while using local highways.

During your journey, it is necessary to keep, first of all, all generally valid rules, i..e. you are recommended to travel during a day , if possible, and in night not to stop in distant parking places , use great terminals of illuminated hotel parking places, etc.

The stage of road-ways is worse as those in Czech Republic (numerous holes, wash.outs, stripes in roads, etc.) So, higher attention.must be kept  while driving. Warning: the highways are not used by motor cars only, you can meet there the pedestrians, cyclists, horse carriages, the carriages are not illuminated, etc.

The traffic police controls (especially in Serbia) are quite often. So, we recommend you to respect eventuel order of police to have a stop (for formal control of documents only), and avoid any verbal conflicts, cost what it may!. The conflicts are finished with a fact that your passport could be taken away, and order fine could be granted to you. (or your dispute could follow at local „ offence court“).

In Monte-Negro, EUR is an official currency. The conditions for your tourist stay here are relatively good. Road line Serbia-Monte-Negro is passable via points, such as: Belgrade –Cacak-Uzice-Priepolye-Brodarevo (frontier community on Serbia-Monte-Negro border, just here you can meet inland-customs and police control) – Bijelo Polye- Podgorica (Titograd in past). It is a road No. E-760, E-65 and E-80. On this route, we recommend you to draw your higher attention for driving, as the road-way is more narrow on many sections, and, thanks to nemerous curves, there are to be expected to overcome immense sections. Driving style of local drivers is rather aggresive , so, immense number of hevy traffic accidents could correspond to this reality.


Important phone numbers:


Police: 92

Firemen: 93

Ambulance: 94

Information: 988






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