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General Information

Official name:                    The Kingdom of Morocco

Capital:                                Rabat-Sale

Extent:                                 710 850 square kilometres

Population number:          29,6 mil. (2002)

Official language:               Arabian. Moreover, French is generally used, too, especially

                                              in contacts with officials

State organization:            Kingdom

Main religion:                     Islam is a state religion (95% inhabitants), Christianity (4%)

                                              is consequently decreasing for the benefit of Islam.




Morocco could be proud on the biggest geographical variety from all states of north Africa. The country has long coastal line at Mediterranean as well as at Atlantic coast. From rest of the continent, it is protected with Atlas Mountain Range in the east, and with Sahara Desert in west direction.



As main environmental problem of Morocco is a fact of excessive grass grazing up and excessive feeling trees. To main reasons of such activities belong disappearing of typical Morocco oaks, cork oaks and arganians. At present, vast programmes of planting out are running, some of them with international support. The other actions, this time under support of planting of several animal sorts, which are in menacing danger (such as. Berberian deer, partrides, etc.) are in development.



The climate in littoral areas is mostly moderate, but, on the other hand, it could be cold and humid, especially in the north. Average temperatures in Tanger and in Casablanca are moving in range from 12°C in winter (since December till March) up to 25° C in summer (since June till September), in inland towns, for instance, in Marrakesh, the temperatures reach in summer  even 33° C. The quantity of precipitation is the highest in Rif Mountain Range and in north part of Central Atlas, where dry weather is mostly in summer months only.



From population of 30 millions, 70% persons are younger than 30 years of age, and local population growth makes 2,2%. Half of the inhabitants are living in towns: Most of population is formed with Berbers (approx. 50%) and Arabs, although it is not easy to distinguish it. Nevertheless, Morocco has to solve two internal serious problems, such as: great measure of population who are unable to read and write, and increasing unemployment.






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