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CZ: Balcarka Cave
Published: 24.12.2010
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
This cave is situated inside headland of Balcar Rock, close to subterranean flow of Lopač and Krasový brooks, in an altitude of 460 metres above sea level. Complicated many-storey cave system is furnished with rich stalactite decoration.

SVK: Bojnice - The Town's Sightseeings
Published: 23.12.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Trenčín
The town of Bojnice is well-known not only in Slovakia, but also in abroad. This fact was deserved well of its spa tradition, most beautiful Slovak castle as well as the oldest and most visited ZOO-garden of Slovakia. So, rich culture of the town as well as a beauty of surrounding nature allures a lot of tourists each year.

Peru: My Fulfilled Dream VII.
Published: 22.12.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
There was Easter Monday, when we returned from Santa Cruz trek, nevertheless, all people in Huaraz worked. So, we bought tickets to Lima and tried to solve a transfer from Lima to Cuzco, and our trip continued.

British Colombia: Port Hardy-The Kingdom Of Whales-VIDEO
Published: 21.12.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
Small town of Port Hardy, placed in Vancouver Island, British Colombia, is not beautiful nor interesting town at all But all lovers of nature observation would remember such locality, for sure. It is offering, not only the entrance into Cape Scott Provincial Park, but also as an experience which could not be granted in any other place.

Durban-Gold Sands Of A Town, Close To The Port
Published: 20.12.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
The biggest port of South Africa is not only a target for ships of all kind but it is a goal for its golden sands, sightseeings or casinos, as well as relax place for the people from all over the world.

From Prague To Atlantic Coasts VI.
Published: 18.12.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
The 5th Day (Friday) - A Walk Throughout Barcelona - For the Second Time

Anniversary Eve Of Slavkov Battle
Published: 17.12.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of south Moravia
So called experience touring could have many faces. They are, for instance, knowledge or nostalgic journeys by train. In Slovakia, it is Wagon Service Special, aimed at such form of entertainment. So, we travelled with saloon train for an excursion, dedicated to 205th anniversary of famous Slavkov Battle in Moravia.

Kateřinská Cave
Published: 16.12.2010
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
Kateřinská Cave is situated close to the community of Techov, South Moravia Region, in an altitude of 364 metres above sea level.

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