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Petrol In Mexico Bay
Published: 15.7.2010
headings (paragraphs): Topics of interest
The BP (British Petrol) experts are testing a bell of seven tonns weight. This bell would absorb the petrol, which is getting off, as a consequence of a crash of one boring, is escaping into waters if Mexico Bay. If this mission proves to be successfull, BP and all America would be highly satisfied.

Cheb City Centre
Published: 9.7.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Karlovy Vary
George of Poděbrady Square as well as adjoined pedestrian zone belong to most visited areas of this West Bohemian town. Since 13th century, the construction of groups of houses started to be done, on place of former grocery and horse markets. This development continued until 18th century.

Okoř Castle: Sad History And Merry Future
Published: 6.7.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Central Bohemia
"There is the only way to Okoř Castle!" The author of this people´s song wrote the text in such skilful way that it could be perfectly applicated for actual situation.

Published: 5.7.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
Aden is a greatest Yemen port, placed close to Aden Bay.

Hongkong Town - China
Published: 4.7.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
Hong-kong is a Chinese town, situated at the coasts of South-China Sea. Hong-kong belongs to very important economical as well as business centres of the area.

Published: 2.7.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Banská Bystrica
Helpa is a community, placed in Slovakia, in Brezno district.

Published: 1.7.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Bratislava
Pezinok is a district town, situated in north-east direction, in distance of 18 kilometres from Bratislava, Slovak capital. The town is situated at foot of Small Carpathian Mountains in an altitude of 156 metres above sea level.

Milovice: Russian America - VIDEO
Published: 29.6.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Central Bohemia
Welcome to Milovice! - this inscripition is written in a plate at the border of the town. This is no special sign, from the first point of view. In Milovice, you can find, as usually, a church, a pub, Hotel Blue Star in decay, including train and bus stops or supermarket.

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