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Do You Know, That? The Ponds Of Bohemia
Published: 31.10.2010
headings (paragraphs): Topics of interest
The ponds belong to indivisible part of Bohemian countryside. These artificially created water areas were founded there since ancient time periods, concretely since 12th century. South Bohemia Region became always a centre of such activities. It is a countryside of Jakub Krčín and Štěpán Netolický.

CR: The Quarries In "America" - VIDEO
Published: 26.10.2010
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
The quarries "America" (close to Karlštejn) are the localities which temptate the people with its beauty, romanticism and also with some rate of danger, too. However, the entrance is not permitted to a place where the stone was excavated, just since the beginning of last century.

Slovakia - Thermal Swimming Pool In Patince
Published: 25.10.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Nitra
The community of Patince is most in south placed village of Slovak territory. It is situated in an altitude of 100 metres above sea level The locality became famous thanks to local thermal swimming pool, situated in distance of two kilometres outside the village (in a direction from Komárno to Štúrovo).

Do You Know, That? - The Oldest Look Out Tower
Published: 24.10.2010
headings (paragraphs): Topics of interest
The most beautiful round view is said to be from horse saddle. However, such difficult and frequently tidy activity could be employed with a couple of intended and especially resistant persons. On the other hand, you would like to be satisfied with such views, where you reach, mounting up to the top. So, today´s chapter of specialities will be dedicated to Bohemian look out towers.

Austria: Vienna II. - All Sighseeings In One Day
Published: 23.10.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
In the first part of our walk, we went on foot the city centre. Now, we wish to offer you some tips, in order to see as much as sightseeings within short time period (within one day).

From Chopok Up To Ďumbier
Published: 22.10.2010
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
Small diversion from Muráň plainland did not disturbed at all the plans of our active holiday, which continues in Low Tatra Mountains. The distance from Brezno to a top of the massif, dominating with Ďumbier Peak, is not great.

CR: The Cave Na Pomezí - A Cave With A Heart
Published: 21.10.2010
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
The caves Na Pomezí, situated not far from the town of Jeseník, were discovered in 1949. After long years' investigations, total length of caves was stipulated to 1320 metres. This two-storeys cave system is characteristic with its sintre decoration, including big stalactites. As a speciality, it is a stalactite in a form of a heart, which could fullfill, at the touch, any your wish.

British Columbia: Khutzeymateen Reservation-VIDEO
Published: 20.10.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
In our days, there was a proverb that the same number of people and bears are living in one square kilometer. Yes, you are right, it is not true at present. There are existing such places, of course, where more grizzlies could be met as their admirers. And just Khutzeymateen Reservation, not far from the town of Prince Ruppert, placed close to Alaska border, belongs to such localities.

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