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Surinam - Omitted Country Of South America III.
Published: 27.3.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
The Government and Politics

Lukov - Ruin Or Castle? - VIDEO
Published: 26.3.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Zlín
Lukov Castle - you cannot see it directly from the valley, the path leads there through forest.You follow red-white marked signs of the castle, pictured on tree-trunks, this is the only guidance to the target. Finally, after three kilometres long walk you reach your finish, stone fortifications of ancient ruin.

Martin - Slovakia
Published: 25.3.2010
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
Martin is cultural as well as economical seat of Turiec, North Slovak Region. In 1994, the town was declared as Slovak Centre of National Culture. So, Martin became a very attractive target, not only for local tradition and its monuments.

Poděbrady - Heart's Matter Of Elbe - VIDEO
Published: 23.3.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Central Bohemia
This rather small spa town makes variegation of Labe (Elbe) countryside. We recommend you therefore, when you pass through, that it is worth to do a stop there.

Andaman Islands I.
Published: 19.3.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
"Andaman Islands, yes, let´s go there, it is a paradise on the Earth, but be in a hurry, this paradise could be lost soon!" the old lady from Barcelona said, sitting on bank of Ganga-river in Benares, holy town. So, we decided, after three months of wandering throughout India, this place, celebrated by advanturers, and not discovered by tourists, these islands,hidden mysteriously in Indian Ocean.

Budimír Chateu
Published: 18.3.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Košice
Slovak Technical Museum has its branch office in Budimir. The lovers of history can admire there the beauty of antiquities. Local small exhibitions are offering a space for memories of that past times, as well as some new notions, which could bring an interest for adults and children.

Sochi - the town of sun I.
Published: 17.3.2010
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
„The Town of Sun“, „Magnolia Countryside“, „Pearl at the Seaside“ – all these names belong to famous spa town of Sochi, situated in Russian Federation, Krasnodar Region.

Smržovka - Sledges And Postman's Shape - VIDEO
Published: 16.3.2010
headings (paragraphs): Region of Liberec
This mountain small town, situated in Liberec Region, is very popular with its railway bridge, sledge sporting line and genuin Pivrnec Pub.

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