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Camden Town - London
Published: 6.11.2009
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
Camden Rown is an undivisible London quarter. To tell the truth, this is a special town inside British capital As soon as you enter Camden Town, you see immeditately that this quarter is living in some different way, and has another type of culture.

Tschukotka - Russia - I.
Published: 30.10.2009
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
This countryside is rather uninvestigated piece of the Earth, with marvellous nature and enormous wealth of raw materials.

Hagia Sofia In Istanbul
Published: 26.10.2009
headings (paragraphs): Topics of interest
Hagia Sophia, the Church of Holy Wisdom, in past the holiest building in Constantinople, capital of Byzantion Empire, is shocking, first of all, with its high and wide inside spaceas well as illumination effects, making an impression that the cupola is rising in an air.

Ganga River
Published: 24.10.2009
headings (paragraphs): Topics of interest
Each day gave Ganga-river, holy river, the light to the sky, whereas the Earth became dry. Finally, Brahma overcome a sympathy. He promised to pious King Bhagirat that he would transfer the river to the Earth, in order to be watered. The King asked God Shiva to help him to stop the floodings, as he was afraid that falling water mass could destroy the Earth.

Playa Canoya - Wild Beach With Surfers
Published: 20.10.2009
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
Let´s imagine the following scene: the sea is wild and rough, and just behind in the neighbourhood, there is to be found one picturesque and quiet beach. Despite the fact that smaller attention is to be paid it, Playa Canoa of Curacao Island has its special characteristic.

Oswetcim (Auschwitz) - A Factory For Death
Published: 8.10.2009
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
Would you like to visit a place which was written with black letters into modern history? Do you have a feeling that „holocaust“ is a legend? So, would you visit concentration lagers Oswiecim I and Oswiecim II- Brezinka, (Birkenau) exterminated lager for death, destined from Czech borders not more than 100 kilometres.

Romantic Paris
Published: 25.9.2009
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
Romantic Paris is a capital of France and famous metropolis of the country. Nevertheless, each of you will recollect in their mind , in connection with Paris, something different, such as: romantic, fashion, famous boutique shops, Eiffel Tower or other monuments. And just the sightseeings and places of interest are today´s targets…

Published: 23.9.2009
headings (paragraphs): Region of Žilina
Žilina is the fifth greatest town of Slovakia. The town is placed at mouth of Váh and Kysuca rivers, in north-west part of the country, on crossroads of merchant ways, surrounded with crowns of mountains. The town has quite great importance from touristic point of view.

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