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CZ, Klatovy Catacombs: science-based mystic
heading (paragraph): Towns
Underground of Klatovy Jesuit church consecrated to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary ...

CZ, Valečov: mystical ruins of Castle Rock
heading (paragraph): Towns
Valečov - the ruins of Rock Castle, one of the best preserved in the Czech Republic, you can fing...

CZ, Mnichovo Hradiště-Castle: Seat Of Wallenstein
heading (paragraph): Towns
Mnichovo Hradiště is the gateway to the Czech Paradise. This, at first glance inconspicuous town ...

CZ, Prague: Four Years Of Wenceslas Vineyard
heading (paragraph): Towns
The Czechs, who are able due to because of the "little beer fest - day of the Ram" in the Velké P...

CZ, Prague: Petřín Tower - Small Eiffel Tower
heading (paragraph): Towns
Petřín Tower. Prague´s copy of the Eiffel Tower every good Czech knows. The French make the fun o...

CZ, Radobýl And Kamýk: Where Is Nothing And Everyt
heading (paragraph): Towns
A basaltic hill with strange shape, that together with other "greats" gives to the České středoho...

CZ, Ploskovice Castle: Baroque treasure
heading (paragraph): Towns
State castle Ploskovice castle, which is in care of the National Heritage Institute, is another a...

CZ,Želízy: Devil's Head-Treasure Of Kokořín Forest
heading (paragraph): Towns
On the boarder of Kokořín forest, near Liběchov where stands the crumbling castle and due to repa...

CZ, Přerov nad Labem - castle without owner
heading (paragraph): Towns
About Přerov nad Labem recently discussed mainly in connection with a local castle.  Recentl...

CZ: Přerov Nad Labem - Museum In Nature I.- Back
heading (paragraph): Towns
About 35 kilometres to east of Prague lies an inconspicuous village Přerov above Labe. The main t...

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