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Austria: Adventurous Trip into the Mountains

Published: 4.9.2019
Enjoy an unforgettable experience, which is the sunrise on the highest mountain in Lower Austria, on the Schneeberg hill. Accept our invitation for an adventure weekend trip suitable for all who are looking for something new, want to experience something diametrically different from everyday life and want to feel safe in every situation.

Amazing Experience with Professionals

Schneeberg s těmi nejlepšími, (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Andreas Jakwerth

Experience an adventurous October weekend with complete professional care. Peter Groß and Hannes Rottensteiner, the most famous mountain guides in Puchberg, will take you to the highest peak on the eastern edge of the Alps. Early in the morning, while everything is still asleep, experienced mountain guides will pick you up at the hotels. The highest mountain in Lower Austria, the Schneeberg plateau, takes them along one of the most beautiful routes.

Schneeberg s těmi nejlepšími, (c) Wiener Alpen / Franz Zwickl

Meadow hoarfrost, tickling of fresh air in the nose and warm rays of autumn sun on your face await you. Time does not play a role, sensory perception intensifies step by step. And when motivation begins to leave you, the mountain guides will again wake you up. At the top of the summit you will be rewarded for the effort, which is a magnificent view and the magic rays of the rising sun.

Schneeberg s těmi nejlepšími, (c) Wiener Alpen / Martin Fülöp

The next day, the Hohe Wand Mountain Climbing Trail is on the program - again accompanied by a professional accompaniment with careful organization and equipment hire. The program of the day is concerned with training the techniques of proper climbing on the climbing path as well as safety in the alpine environment.

Contrast between Adrenaline and ComfortSchneeberg s těmi nejlepšími, (c) Wiener Alpen / Martin Fülöp

During the adventure you will experience several contrasts. On the one hand, you will be perfectly cared for, enjoy a professional lecture and familiarization with a crackling fire in the fireplace with a homemade cocktail specialty, great service and gastronomic specialties. On the other hand, you can look forward to untouched nature, safety training and proper ascent training, ascent itself, 8-hour hike and ascent to 1220 altitude meters (1320 altitude descent). The entire route is approximately 14 kilometers long. However, those who can no longer manage can rest and stay at the Damböckhaus, which will shorten both the ascent and descent by an hour and the total length of the route by 5 km. At all times, the safety and comfort of the participants is very important. You can even choose from several accommodation options. Excursions take place between October 4 and 6, 2019 and October 11 and 13 10, 2019. The number of persons allowed will be limited.

Schneeberg s těmi nejlepšími, (c) Wiener Alpen / Martin Fülöp

If you want to know more about an unforgettable experience, you can find all the information here. If you write to us at info@infoglobe.sk before September 16, 2019, the altitude of the Schneebergpeak will be entered into the “Schneeberg with the best” draw for the weekend. The name of the winner will be published on our social networks.

Schneeberg s těmi nejlepšími, (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Andreas Jakwerth

GPS: 47°46'01.7"N 15°48'19.6"E

Source: PR, Niederösterreich-Werbung GmbH

Photos: Wiener Alpen / Martin Fülöp (úvodní), (c) při fotografiích

Edited by: Infoglobe

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