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Rock And Fear

Published: 22.10.2011
Fear- is part human and animal life and the also defence mechanism of the organism. But sometimes it can be more insidious than we like ourselves. This is the right moment to start to fight with the fear, or exactly fight with us. The first type of fear that comes to mind in relation to climbing is the fear of heights.

"There are people who come on to the climbing course and the fear it will break through and people who found out they have a fear of heights on the course, says Kamil Korejs, instructor Horoškola Mammut in Holešovice. According to him, but it's not just fear of heights. "The fear of falling is very common for climbing. These people do not mind the height, but they have fear that they might fall. Even if only a bit and into the ropes, as are secured," he explains. Rather than the fall itself are cause for reflection and introspection especially its consequences. A man can be shaken by the drop. He has around two hundred hard beats a quick verdict comes: "I´ll finish with climbing."

The rise and fall, and vice versa

 The best recipe for exactly extreme situation and fear, which is naturally accompanied, is usually a quick return to the climbing wall. Working with this natural mechanism should be part of psychological preparation. For racers and performance climbers can take place separately. For those who just enjoy this sport, it is a natural part of all lessons. Each new route represents a further challenge. Every catch, which is up from the ground help us to be free from so many unpleasant grip, which is called fear.


The man can be also easily motivated by the performance of others in the group. Paradoxically, but it can also work backwards, especially among the children who are themselves to each other laugh. An important role has a personality of instructor or trainer. "The more one has claimed, the less is fear," explains quite logical climbing rule Korejs. "It's not but about to train journey one way over and over again, but rather to try new and ever new."

Fear has many faces

Quite natural is also a fear of failure, which actually accompanies our whole lives. It is our driving force. It affects the professional as well as sports but also our emotional live. The literature but paradoxically speaks also about the fear of success. This type of fear can be for person who has never get in professional sports level, seem like something absurd. But despite of it exists.

Worries about, I´ll be different because of the success general mediocrity of most others, are quite common. The rest of the group of such individuals is automatically put into the better one role, for who is nothing problem. He first comes out a new path, he helps others. But he must also deal with the role of the best. The best ones have the task to learn how not to take his mistakes and failures as fatal rather than speech of other to focus on their own performance. Psyche is a tricky thing unfortunately.

Text: Klara Svobodová

Photo source: Horoškola Mammut

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