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SK, A Book Tip: My Most Beautiful Trips to Discover the World

Published: 4.10.2020
To all travel lovers, we want to present a new publication by Marcel Králik, which brings engaging reports from little-visited corners of the world. Its content will appeal mainly to lovers of the polar regions and high mountains.

plavba okolo antarktického poloostrova nedaleko Paradise Bay

The new book My Most Beautiful Journeys of Exploring the World Part I will gradually take you through the author's extraordinary travel experiences. You will get to know the polar regions, which are not very accessible to the average tourist, for example Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, where the author was the first Slovak in the local mountains. You will also complete the winter crossing of part of the Svalbard archipelago, including an adventurous encounter with polar bears, you will also experience a boat trip beyond the Arctic Circle or a respectable ski crossing of part of the largest plateau in Europe in Norway.

Baffinův ostrov, dominanta národního parku

Baffinův ostrov, těžký přechod přes rozvodněný potok   Marcel  Králik – aktivní horolezec, skialpinista a účastník lyžařských maratonů

In a nicely crafted book, you can read about the second Slovak ascent to the most beautiful mountain in Africa - 5,109 m above sea level, the high volcanic Ruwenzori Mountains in Uganda or a much closer ascent to Mont Blanc. You will also be interested in trekking in Karakorum, Pakistan, an adventurous journey along the Karakorum Highway, over which rises the majestic Nanga Parbat, as well as trekking under Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.

Cestou do severního Base campu Kančendžongy. Pohled z osady Lhonak.

Pohled na severní stěnu Nanga Parbat   Fudžisan, nejslavnější hora Japonska (v zimě)

Through publications will also wander unspoiled nature in the Sayan Mountains in Siberia, including cruises on Lake Baikal, lovers of cross-country races will find captivating author's memories of ski marathon in Sapporo in Rybinsk, Russia.

Havajské ostrovy – nábřeží v Honolulu a slavná pláž Waikiki

In addition to sporting expeditions, the book also contains experiences from more travel-friendly destinations, such as the Hawaiian Islands, cruises in the world's largest ships in the Caribbean, tourism in Madeira, a trip through Algeria to the center of the Sahara and many other reports diversified by unique photographs. The book "My most beautiful journeys to explore the world" also contains speeches and reviews from the famous traveler Svetozár Krn and climber Martin Šperka.

Havajské ostrovy, kráter činné sopky Kilauea

kniha Moje nejhezčí cesty za poznáním světa I. díl

The author has been involved in mountaineering, skialpinism and long-distance cross-country skiing for more than four decades. These activities and a number of suggestions from close family and friends led him to write a unique book that brings his travel experiences closer to the general public. You can order the publication 3.Eo or join our current photo competition. Maybe luck will smile on you.



GPS: 65°25'11.3"N 70°57'41.2"W (Baffin Island)

Source and photos: PR, Marcel Králík

Edited by: Infoglobe

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