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SK: High Tatras – Winter Hike Up Predni Solisko

Published: 4.3.2022
There are not many options for tourism during winter months in the High Tatras as during the main season. Should you long for a climb up some of the summits open during the winter closure in the High Tatras, you may choos, for instance – Predni Solisko. In the article to follow we tell you about the up this Tatranian giant.

Winter Tourism in the High Tatras

We can undertake winter treks during winter season trail closure only on designated trails within the Tatra National Park. Some valleys are open as well as some  trails in low and middle attitudes along foothills of the Tatra mountains. Treks to klippes  and up mountains are possible only when accompanied by a alpine guide. In the High Tatras, only one summit is accessible to tourist during winter season. We talk about Predni Solisko – a well known Tatranian pyramidal peak. There you may hike all the year round.

Predni Solisko mountain

Predni Solisko – A Popular Tourist Destination

It is a massive and hard to miss mountain which makes up an integral part of the High Tatra mountains. It adds to the characteristic background when looking from Strbske Lake. It is situated at the southern edge of Solisko ridge. It separates Mlynicka and Furkotska Valley. Predni Solisko (rises up 2 117 meters above sea level). It is the first peak which stretches up to Bystra Lavka klippe. The area is very popular among tourists who visit it frequently. It is also popular thanks to chairlift which takes visitors from Strbske Lake up to 1 840 meters to Cabin Pod Soliskem.

Furkotská valley and Krivan

Furkotská valley, Low Tatras in the background  the vista from Strbske Lake over Predni Solisko

We Begin on Strbske Lake

We decided to start our trek to Predni Solisko from Strbske Lake. Without using the cable car. It is necessary to have equipment for treks in high mountains (ice axe and crampons). Depending on particular weather conditions it may occur that you would need to use them towards the end of the of the hike. We are about to hike up 802 meters of elevation and the total length of 11,2 kilometers. The approximate time to finish the tour is 4,5 hours. We join the blue tourist trail, go along Strbske Lake. Far in the distance, above ski jump and ski slopes we see the silhouette of our final destination – the huge mountain of Predni Solisko. We keep hiking along the blue trail, enter forest, and climb up. By the jump we go on along the edge of a ski slope. While gaining altitude we keep by special markings within the ski resort. We go along a ski town along a trail designated for tourists and skialpinists. We move on the edge of a ski slope until we reach the upper station of the tow. There is Chata pod Soliskem cabin. Once we are rested we set out to finish the final hike to the top along the red trail.

Mlynická valley from the summit of Predni Solisko

On the Summit of Predni Soliska

Finally we reached the summit cross on Predni Solisko. Beautiful vistas over the landscape below the Tatras make us even happier from reaching our goal. In this vast area we see the basin below the tatras. We may see the towns of Poprad and Svit, and the entire ridge of the Kozie Chrbty and the Low Tatra mountains stretching across the horizon. Good visibility allows us to spot greyish contours of Polana mountain  (1 458 m) or the snow-capped ridge of the High Fatra. Also, we may enjoy a wonderful vista of the huge Strbske Solisko (2 302 m), Krivan (2 494 m), and into the deep abysses of Mlynicka and Furkotska valleys. Also, we see the Bast ridge.

Summit Cross on Predni Solisko

What we percieve is purity and grandiosity of these mountains. Without any unnecessary thoughts we enjoy peace, quiet, and amazing vistas over the winter landscape.

GPS: 49°08'49.0"N 20°02'11.0"E


Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

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