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SK: Malá Fatra – Winter Hike Up to Maly Krivan

Published: 4.2.2022
The Mala Fatra is a known and renown area. We hardly need to introduce it to you. This mountain range, along the High, Western, and Low Tatras, is considered one of the most beautiful and most visited mountain ranges in Slovakia. In the article today, we take you on a winter hike onto the main ridge of the Mala Fatra and its second highest peak of Maly Krivan.

Choosing a Trail

Maly Krivan (1671 m) is the second highest mountain in the Mala Fatra. It is situated on the main ridge in the Krivan section of the Mala Fatra. Tourists may reach it from different points of start. The best way is from Vratna. You may choose from two trail in the first part of the hike. Either go along the green tourist trail beginning at "Stara Dolina" crossroad or the other green trail which begins at "Vratna Chata" crossroad. To move faster and more comfortable, you can travel by cable car. It goes from Vratna up to Snilovske klippe.

Kraviarske mountain as viewed from the blue tourist trail

Onto the Mala Fatra's Main Ridge

Winter tourism and skialpinism are popular activities in the Mala Fatra region. The main ridge lures in crowds of tourists and fans of outdoor activities who want to cross it. We begin our day-long trip to Maly Krivan at "Stara Dolina" crossroad in Vratne. The trail starts by going midly uphill through forest valley. As we are gaining altitude we leave the   forest and enter the northern ridge through Za Kraviarskym klippe. There we turn left and join the blue tourist trail. When crossing the ridge, beautiful vistas open before us. We see the main ridge of the Mala Fatra, Kraviarske mountain (1 361 m). In the distance, we see the pyramidal silhouette of Velky Rozsutec (1 609 m). We cross "Chrapaky" crossroad and continue uphill along the yellow trail until we reach Bublen klippe situated on the main ridge of the Mala Fatra.

in Bublen klippe

Along the Red Trail up Maly Krivan

Make a rest in Bublen klippe. Eat something while observing the grandiose landscape before you featuring Maly Krivan covered by snow. Then we join winter red trail marked with poles. By hiking on the ridge we go towards the main destination of our hike. The main ridge of the Mala Fatra of Krivan is before us. Pekelnik mountain (1 609 m) catches our attention and the same goes for its neighbor of Velky Krivan (1 709 m), the lattre being the major mountain of the ridge. Slowly we are getting closer to our destination while enjoying the vistas over winter landscape.

Velky Krivan

Velký Rozsutec  and a part of the Mala Fatra  Pekelník and Velký Kriváň

On the Top

Upon easy climb we reach our destination. We enjoy beautiful vistas around us including Velky Krivan and further into distance Velky Rozsutec, Stoh, and Chleb. Also, Maly Krivan opens you the vista over southwester part of the main ridge. There are mountains of Suchy, Stratenec, the remote Kysucka highlinds, Zilinska basin, Strazovske hills, the Lucanska Mala Fatra, Turcianska basin, and the Velka Fatra. Many will love hiking through white landscape, it is an experience long to remember which will lure many to come back here.

Malý Kriváň

GPS: 49°10'52.1"N 18°59'34.8"E

Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

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