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SK: Walking with a Book - The Tatras from Sidewalk

Published: 13.12.2021
Take a text-visual walk through the most beautiful mountains of Slovakia, which offers a pictorial panorama of individual valleys and peaks with precise descriptions and characteristics. Experience the word and image that can be seen from the hiking trail.

Another Book on the Tatras?

Much has been written and said about the Tatras. Thus, many readers may quite rightly ask the question: Why is another book about them re-emerging? Its author Jozef Gurník offers an explanation: “On one really beautiful day I rested on the Polish ridge. It was a perfect day for hiking. I was resting and in my mind I was already planning and dreaming of plans for the next ascent. In the meantime, two elderly ladies ascended from the Velická valley and struggled, who settled near me after reaching the Polish ridge. They pulled a map of the High Tatras from their backpacks and delved into it. They did not try to orientate the map at all so that the valley they came to the ridge was behind them (it would be better for them to orientate and determine points in the terrain). According to them, I figured they didn't even know where they were. At first I just smiled and listened. However, when the determination took a long time, I couldn't stand it anymore. I approached them, turned the map in the right direction, and showed them where they were, showing the shields and telling them something. ”

publikace Tatry z chodnika

Descriptions of Peaks, Valleys, and Interesting Information

The author of the publication has experienced many such events. Therefore, he began to think about how to help visitors to the Tatras and tourists. Gradually, the contours of the future book "Tatras from the Sidewalk" began to appear. It didn't take long for the words to go into action. First, articles began to be published in the magazine Krásy Slovenska, and gradually a book edition was enriched, enriched with several new content elements. 

publikace Tatry z chodniku  - Temnosmrečinská dolina

In addition to the basic characteristics of the Tatra valleys, the reader will find in the publication the origin of the names of individual hills and peaks, or the first ascents to selected peaks. At the same time, there is also a list of localities from which the individual views or a register of the most interesting Tatra hills come.

publikace Tatry z chodniku - Hřebeň Liptovských kop, v pozadí Križné

And since tourists come to the mountains with a desire for new knowledge, rest, recreation, experience, entertainment, but also with a specific goal, through this book novelty they can see, get to know, experience something new, unusual and not everyday. He will return home with the discovery of new valleys, ridges and peaks.

publikace Tatry z chodniku - Tichá dolina

You Can Win a Book

If you would like to go to the Tatras ready and have "studied" goals of interest on the basis of available information, then be sure to reach the book Tatry from the sidewalk from the family publishing house Dajama in your favorite bookstore or e-shop. In addition, if you write us at least the names of three High Tatras peaks, we will be happy to include you in the competition for this beautiful publication. Write the answers by 22.12. 2021 to info@infoglobe.sk and we will publish the winner's name on our social networks.

publikace Tatry z chodniku - Tichá dolina

GPS: 49°10'25.1"N 20°08'22.8"E (Polish ridge)

Source and photos: PR, Dajama publishing

Edited by: Infoglobe

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