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SK: Western Tatras – Autumn Trip Up Bytra Mountain

Published: 21.10.2018
The Western Tatras are the most beautiful and most charming in autumn - when the grassy slopes of the ridges and moutains as well as the trees are painted in bright shades of brown, yellow-brown and reddish-brown. In this article, we will introduce the transition of the autumn Alpine landscape, our goal will be the highest mountain of the Western Tatras - Bystra mountain.

Bystra – The Highest Mountain of the Mountain Range

Western Tatra's main ridge

Bystra is located south of Blyst mountain (2 155 m above sea level) near the main ridge of the Western Tatras. It is situated in a remote part of the mountain range on a massive southern slope between Gaborova, Bystra and Kamenista valleys. The Bystra mountain rises to an altitude of 2 248 meters, looking from the north Polish side of the Tatra, it is really a spectacular vista. It is the highest mountain in the area, so the views from the summit are enchanting. The mountain is accessible from the Slovak and Polish territories of the Western Tatras. From the territory of Slovakia we can reach the peak after several tourist marked paths - either in the direction of Podbanský through the rocky valley along the blue trail, along the yellow route through the Bystro valley, or crossing the Račková valley along the blue and yellow trails

Across the Rackova Valley

Gáborova valley

Once you we have finished this trek of 21.2 km, the elevation of 1 393 m and the total time of 8.5 h, we chose a hiking trail leading through the Rackova valley, starting at the "Rackova Dolina" signpost. We reach the starting point from Pribylina to an asphalt road heading north, which is also a green marked hiking trail. First we cross the blue trail through the narrow valley, then turn right on the yellow route leading through the Rackova valley. At first, the trail leads us through a forest that we later leave, until we finally reach the border between forest and rust. The hiking trail leads us to the foot of the mighty pyramid mount Klin (2,173 m above sea level). We are going to a wooden cottage - Kolib under Klin and we come to the signpost "Under the Klin". Turn right and join the blue trail leading through the picturesque Gabor valley. Initially, the trail comes with a relatively dense growth of the earthworm, we cross the crossroads of the "signpost in the Gábor valley" and continue along the blue mark. Here we go through the open country and before us we see a significant intersection of our tour - the Bystre Klippe.

On the Main Ridge of the Tatras

Polish Tatras – Dolina Pyszniańska

After a steep climb we enter the Bystre Klippe area on the main ridge of the Western Tatras, which crosses the state border between Slovakia and Poland. In front of us, we can enjoy the first glimpses of the Tatras in Polish teritory.

We continue on the ridge up a steep red marked trail. We reach the first hill of the main Tatra ridge - Mount Blyšť (2 155 m above sea level). We are looking forward to incredibly beautiful views towards the Polish Tatras, where the wide and large Dolina Pyszniańska, the northern grassy ridge of Ornak, as well as in the background on the main ridge of the mountain range are Czerwone Wierchy. The main Tatra ridge is well visible, along which is the red hiking trail marked by the ridge route - to the Pysne Klippe.

On the Top of the Highest Mountain in the Western Tatras

the vista up from Blyst mountain over the main ridge of the Western Tatras

It is very close from Blyst mountain when you hike along the ridge in the direction of Bystra, its peak we see before us. After about 20 minutes of climb we are finally at the end of our hike. The views of the surroundings are exceptional and extremely charming, they are a deserved reward for the effort sacrificed during the exit. We enjoy the views of deep valleys that surround this mountain from almost every side - Rackova and Gabor valleys as well as Bystra and Stamenice valleys. The ridge of the Otrhance with a dominant feature, which is Jakubin peak (2 194 m above sea level), also captivates the remarkable mass of Klina (2 173 m above sea level), nearby Nizna Bystra (2 163 m above sea level) or the stony Kamenista (2 127 m above sea level ), which lies on the main ridge of the Western Tatras. In the tides to the east we can see the dentate contours of the ridges of the High Tatras, in the south we are enchanted by the elongated ridge of the Low Tatras on the horizon, and in the westward direction, the hills and crests of the Western Tatras are spreading like huge waves of restless sea

pohled z Bystré na vrch Velká Kamenistá a Kamenistou dolinu   výhled z Bystré do Račkové doliny a hřeben Otrhancův

GPS: 49°11'20.6"N 19°50'33.1"E

Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

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