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Which Can Be The Beginnings Of Climbing?

Published: 8.10.2011
"When you´re coming to the first lesson, you does not need anything too special," says Kamil Korejs, one of the instructors Horoškoly Mammut in Holešovice. "Just sportswear and zest for climbing," he adds. Equipment can be rented on the climbing centre, which is certainly a better option than wasting money to buy their own.

Equipment to borrow from the start - you gain!

Often it happens that the original intention, "I will start with climbing," it remains only to buying everything needed, but the actual implementation, which would lead to the objectives of the original plan somehow fails. Dreamers without the allowance are a lot around the world. Maybe you belong to the same group, but it is equally possible that climbing is not for you the right entertainment. If you are not convinced that this is the right choice, don’t be in rush with buying things for climbing.

"All the basic things such as climbing shoes - climbing shoes, harness and other technical stuff can be rented at prices in the tens of crowns.

Then when you´ll decide to purchase their own equipment to climb on the wall, nor is it particularly expensive, "explains Kamil Korejs, climbing instructor from Horoškoly Mammut. "Climbing in the mountains or the high mountains far longer but calls it something else and, of course, is also the price. From the beginning can be enough on the climbing wall with a sit harness, climbing shoes and some secure stuff" he adds.

To the climbing wall with a teammate

Individual lessons only with an instructor, who secure you, could be a good way how to get yourself the best basics. Still, it's better to start in a pair with a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.

"Right from the beginning is good to learn also to secure," explains reasons climber Kamil Korejs. If the instructor is left to secure the inexperienced newcomer, could fall very hard on the ground or be too directly at him.

From height of few meters above ground is also very difficult just show, what the words "possessions" or "Allow" does mean. To have a teammate, is in addition to passion for climbing another good asset. "The ideal is simply when the two men learn to secure each other," advises an experienced climbing instructor.

 Text: Klára Svobodová

 Photo Source: Horoškola Mammut

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