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Beskydy - Czech republic

Beskydy  Mountains are  situated  in the eastern part of Czech Republic near to the border with  Poland and Slovakia . They are formed by Moravian and Silesian Beskydy and its environs, Štramberk Highlands and the northern part of Vsetín Hills. The  highest point of Beskydy is  Lysá hora (1323 m), on  the frontier of Poland and Slovakia , in an area of Oravské and Zywiecké Beskydy there is Babia hora (1725 m). On the territory of Beskydy there is extending Protected Natural Area Beskydy.






Route to Pustevny and Radhošť
Locality type:
Cycling of curve
Nový Jičín district

This route belongs to those of middle difficult ones. We start our excursion from town of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, via communities of Planiska and Na Bystrém, following green tourist signs. After 1,5 kms drive, we turn to the left on a way - near hills of Velká Stolová and Malá Stolová. Later, we turn to the right on marked cycloroute No. 46, passing communities of Roztoky, Skurečno and Bařiny. From Bařiny, we can follow instructive educative path „Radegast“ – 15 kms long across range parts of western section of Moravia-Silesian Beskydy. We follow the same cycloroute and continue along  cycloroute No. 6046 up to Pustevny, where we have a stop for refreshment. Further, we drive to Radhošť mountain, where we can have a wonderful view from look-out-tower. Later, we turn back to Pustevny and continue, along a path rould a peak of Nořící hora via nature reservation Noříčí, and after sharp left bend, after 3,5 kms long route to reach blue marked tourist cycloroute No. 6016, or, we can follow this route just from Pustevny. Successively, we drive back to a place, from where we started our drive.

Route length: 57 kms

Character: route of middle difficulty


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