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This highland is situated in Moravia between the towns of Kyjov and Kvasice in regions of South Moravia and Zlín. Its length is 35 kms and width max. 10 kms. The surface of Chřiby hill is 335 square kilometres. The highest peak – Brdo – has the height relating to 587 m. As to geomorphology: Chřiby forms part of geomorphological area of Middlemoravia- Carpathian Mountains and subprovince external West-Carpathian Mountains. As to its position: the hills divide ethnographical area of Haná on north from Slovácko in south. Chřiby-hills border with Litenčice-highlands in north, with Ždánický les (forest) in west, with Kyjov-highlands in south and with Low-Moravian and Upper-Moravian Dale in east, following Morava-river.






CZ, Otrokovice – An Industrial Town Bordering Three Regions
Published: 2.8.2017
Last time we paid visit to the Zlin Zoo. Today we visit the second largest city in the district of Zlin, a city sitting on the confluence of the rivers Morava and Drevnice.

CZ, Buchlov Castle –  Preserved Medieval Beauty
Published: 12.3.2015
Today we travel to medieval times to Buchlov Castle set on the hill of the same name. This monumental royal castle is close to the town of Buchlovice, Uherske Hradiste district. The town is known also for the baroque chateau of Buchlovice with its vast park.


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