Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) - Czech republic

These mountains are situated in north-east part of Bohemia on the frontier with Poland.

Giant Mountains are the highest mountain range in Czech Republic. The highest point of this range -and at the  same time of the whole Czech Republic –is Sněžka the peak 1602 m high.

The mountains of  Krkonoše  are, thanks to big quantity of rare sorts of plants and animals declared in 1963  as National Park (KRNAP).






The Giant Mountains
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The Giant Mountains are spreaded in North-East Bohemia at the border with Poland. This mountain range is the highest one of Czech Republic. Sněžka (1602 m) is the highest peak of this range, and  of Czech Republic at the same time. The Giant Mountains were declared in 1963, thanks to big number of scarse sorts of plants and animals, as National Park.

Photo: Irina Kalinina 

CZ: Železný Brod
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Železný Brod is a town, not far from Giant Mountains, where Jizera-river flows through. It is a pleasant stop for all who are travelling to Giant Mountains, Jizerské Mountains or Bohemian Paradise. At present, the town, with its rich glass industry history, is inhabitated with more than six-and half thousands of inhabitants.

Photo: Klára Svobodová

CZ, Krkonose: Vrchlabi – A Town on the Elbe
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The famous town of the Krkonose mountain is situated at  477 m under the highest mountain of the  KrkonoseSnezka (1603 m). The main landmarks of Vrchlabí is St Lawrence church and the four towers of Vrchlabi chateau. There is also a chateau park which belongs to the chateau and borders the city center. Everything is really close. When heading towards the church, you pass historical houses of original Krkonose architecture. Today there is a visitor's center, souvenir store, and The Krkonose Museum of Vrchlabi.


Text and photos: Monika Babická

CZ, Krkonose Mountains – Korunami Stromu Trail
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A barrier-free access road from the car park to the summit and an all-year operation makes this one of the most visited tourist destinations in the east of the Krkonose mountains. If you add the resort of Cerna Hora, where you may do winter and summer sports, Janske Lazne is a great place for leisure.


Text and photos: Monika Babická

CZ, Jilemnice – The Town of Saint Lawrence
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Another popular city in the foothills of the Giant Mountains is Jilemnice. Compared to Vrchlabí, its size and population are half the size of the city. In the local chateau you will find the Jilemnice Museum in the Giant Mountains, the revitalized chateau park is open to the public. Saint Lawrence is the patron saint of this city. It is also one of the saints from the sculpture on Masaryk Square, right next to the stone fountain. The Baroque church is also dedicated to Saint Lawrence - an unmistakable building on the way to the Curious Alley, where perhaps every tourist is heading. A mountain elm, a crest tree of the town of Jilemnice, grows at the lower entrance to the Krkonoše-style timbered buildings.


Text and photos: Monika Babická

CZ, Harrachov – Unique Museums
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The mountain town of Harrachov, which is surrounded by the beautiful Giant Mountains, offers many tourist attractions. Whether it is a ski resort with ski jumps or traditional and sacred architecture, we can only recommend the walk. You should definitely visit the Ski Museum, which offers not only skis from more than 18 countries, but also countless related exhibits. The Museum of Glass must also be a compulsory stop, where you can see more than 120 years of tradition of glass processing and an extensive collection of glass-work products. You can end your visit at the local microbrewery.


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: HIK, o.z.


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