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Orlické Mountains are situated on the border with Poland and Czech Republic, in north-east Bohemia. The highest point is Velká deštná (1115 m). Metuje, Bělá and Divoká (Wild) Orlice rivers flow through these mountains. For this area is typical national architecture and many monuments. Part of Orlické Mountains was declared as Protected Natural Area in 1969.






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Spring is already in full swing and the sun only encourages trips. We probably won't look beyond the borders right away, castles and chateaux are still closed so far, but it doesn't matter at all, because the nature itself is beautiful. In the Orlické Mountains you can go hiking, but also choose one of the bike paths and set off, the routes are less demanding, but also quite difficult. So choose according to your possibilities. If you are interested in living in a fairy tale, head to Julinčino Valley and the village of Hamernice, traditional architecture awaits you in Rokytnice, we also recommend a trip "to the end of the world" to Neratov, where there is a unique church with a glass roof. If you are interested in the mystic, you should definitely not miss a visit to the mountain settlement of Kačerov. Don't wait for anything and just go.


Text: Lenka Bauerová

Photos: Matouš Vinš, Radka Snížková, Lenka Šlezingrová


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