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Bohemian Forest is one of the oldest mountain range of Europa. It is a biggest Natural Park in Czech Republic (69 030 ha). Bohemian Forest is situated on the Border of Czech Republic with Germany and Austria. It is formed by rocks of Primary mountains origin. As Natural Park it was declared in 1991. There are many monuments here. The tourists have choice for spending of nice holidays as in winter as in summer. The highest point of Šumava names Plechý (1378 m).






CZ: Winter Šumava I
heading (paragraph): Nature
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Snow covered nature in forest, frosty air, used trail, falling snow flakes and peaceful quiet everywhere... simply idyl in Šumava. One of the most popular places among tourists and photographs is Povydří – a valley of rock formations, snowy pine trees and the River Vydra. Many reservations and protected natural areas are within the area of the National Park Šumava. The most famous is the Boubín Forest. .

Text and photo: Monika Babická

CZ: Winter Šumava II
heading (paragraph): Nature
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Šumava keeps pace with the time. Its introduces itself in new guieds, publications maps with information on history, sights, traditions, crafts, nature, environmental protection, tourist and sport activities. The White Track of Šumavaproject endorses ski tourism and guarants ski trails maintenance. The way how is ecology presented together with modern information centers will get attention of small pupils. "The green roof of the Central Europe" is the name for this land and it attracts more and more visitors.

Text and photo: Monika Babická

CZ: Sumava in Autumn I
heading (paragraph): Hills
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Part of Kvilda is a former settlement of Bucina. Today this town is related to the "Iron Curtain". A border crossing to Germany used to be there. Forests around are located in the 1st zone of the Sumava National Park. In this zone, almost any human activity is forbiden and forests thus suffer under bark beetle. A look at destroeyed plains are rather scenes from some horror movie. Your heart will feel better in Susice by local mechanical Betlehem. Or you will enjoy a view from Klostermann's observation tower. The name to the tower gave well-known writer who used to live in Sumava.

Text and photo: Monika Babická

CZ: Sumava in Autumn II
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 30 pictures

From Kvilda in the Sumava to the spring of theVltava. From Cenkova Pila to the confluence of the Vydry and the Kremelna. Or a pathway to Jezerni Slate. Those place are all magnificent and unusual. You can explore nature from the observation tower Svatobor that is opened whole year. In tourist cottage you can buy something to eat or stay overnight when weather is terrible. 

Text and photo: Monika Babická


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