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Bachureň - Slovakia


Bachureň Hill Range is situated in north-east part of Slovakia, in Prešov Region, in Sabinov and Prešov districts. This hill-side belongs to Podholno-Magura area, forming a part of Outside West Carpathian Mountains.


124 Km²

The highest hill:

Bachureň - 1082 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

Bachuren Hill Range is formed with paleogenne mineral stones, dominated with sandstones and conglomerats. Hill range relief has highland and upland character. Deep and narrow valleys are being cut into sandstone and conglomerate massifs.

Bachuren is an afforested range. You can find there coniferous, mixed and leafy forests.The areas, where the forests are missing, are covered with mountain meadows and pasture lands, which gave the range unrepeatable picturesque character. The fields are to be appeared there not too frequently. Moreover, you can find here mineral springs.

Bachuren belongs to moderate warm and cold climatic area. On north-east slopes of Mindzova peak, one from most beautiful pseudo-karst caves and valleys of Slovakia is hidden. However, Parkan Valley is not marked in tourist card or in tourist guides, so it is not too known by public. Nevertheless, it is worth to be admired. Regarding access, the best is from Buče resort. The valley length exceeds 200 metres, whereas rocky walls reach the height of 10 metres. Prešov speleologists discovered here five crack caves, anyway, they are not open for public.

On the other hand, you can feel great coolness from caves, and the ice is to be maintained there all year round, and the bottom of one cave is always covered with ice.

Another interesting cave, accessible for tourists, is those of Zla Diera (Bad Hole), placed near to the community of Lipovce. This cave is not rich of stalagmite decoration, but this speleological way of presentation leaves with you wonderful memories for such unusual event.





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