Biele Karpaty (White Carpathian Mountains) - Slovakia

Extent: 655 km²

This mountain range belongs to Slovak-Moravian Carpathian Mountains area. It is to be found in West Slovakia in districts of Skalica, Senica, Myjava, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Trenčín, Ilava, and Púchov. The area is declared as Preserved Countryside Region.

Highest peak: Velká Javorina (970 m).

Surface: it s very afforested, mostly with oak forests, areas where the trees are missing, are presented with meadows and glades.

Climatic area: moderately warm, colder.






CZ, Luhacovice – Beautiful Spa and Interesting Surroundings I
Published: 9.8.2017
Luhacovice spa is beautiful, quiant and treats patiens in any season of the year. Its diverse architecture, splendid surroundings and green has always charmed its visitors.

The spa town of Luhacovice is situated in a quiant valley in the White Carpathian protected landscape. The nature around is still wild. There are numerous options where to make a trip to. Luhacovice is Europe's top-notch spa for unique healing springs. Vincentka is one of the most well-known healing springs. Its curative potential is invaluable.


Whether you travel there to enjoy a vacation or you are about to undergone state of the art spa treatment, here you quickly forget about your everyday worries. In Luhacovice, you learn what relax is. Locals consider Luhacovice one of the best places for life and work. 

Luhačovice  spa

Tourist Trails 

Terrain suitable for walks is usualy to be found in spa parks. There are several interesting places and spa houses by the famous architect Dusan Jurkovic in the center of the spa. Among. One beautiful walking route goes across teh promenade towards Luhacovice dam. You can easily alk around the dam. Several maintained spa trails run across Luhacovice as well as the green around. The trails start mostly at Aloiska and Ottovka springs. More experienced tourists use marked tourist trails. 

Luhačovice – nordic walking

Ottovka spring   Luhačovice spa

Should you be a nordic walker or you just want to try this activity, here you can get your chance. This modern activity has neither age nor physical capability restrictions.  Spa hotels rent walking sticks to beginners. 

Bike Trails

biking in Slovakia

Bikers can use marked trails leading to the central spa area. Crossing the park is possible only along marked trails. Bikers must get off their bike on sand areas, sqaures or frequented crossraods. Should you arrive ta Luhacovice on your own bike, you can safekeep them for free in spa compound near accommodation facilities. Guests who don't have their own bikes can rent them. This would make their stay more active. 


There are interesting trails near Luhacovice suitable for beginners who prefer advanced terrain. However, more bikers demanding challenge enjoy riding here as well. The most poular trail joinst the spa center and Luhacovice dam (ca. 5 kilometers). Active bikers would surely appreciate marked bike trails in the area.

Luhačovice dam

Riding roller skates may make your vacation even better. A 4-kilometer in-line trail follows the Luhacovice dam. Those of you who feel lazy can board a scenic train. There are three circuits to choose from – to the dam, to Retechov or a circuit taking you around mineral springs. 

Trips to the Surrounding Areas 

Do you like to discover new places. There are many beautiful nature, cultural and historic sights. Diversity makes the Region of Zlin a popular tourist area. Here three regions meet – distinctive Valassko, hospitable Slovacko and fertile Hana.

surroundings of Luhačovice

Seemingly small area offers spas, mountains or vineyards. Here you can witness the remains of the Velka Morava empire as well as many invaluable historic landmarks including Bata functionalist-style architecture. 

We reveal more on Luhacovice next week.

GPS: 49°06'04.3"N 17°45'38.1"E


Source and photos: Lázně Luhačovice, a. s., Paper Life, Infoglobe editors


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