Biele Karpaty (White Carpathian Mountains) - Slovakia

Extent: 655 km²

This mountain range belongs to Slovak-Moravian Carpathian Mountains area. It is to be found in West Slovakia in districts of Skalica, Senica, Myjava, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Trenčín, Ilava, and Púchov. The area is declared as Preserved Countryside Region.

Highest peak: Velká Javorina (970 m).

Surface: it s very afforested, mostly with oak forests, areas where the trees are missing, are presented with meadows and glades.

Climatic area: moderately warm, colder.






SR, Záhorie: Kunovská Dam - Summer Comfort
Published: 16.8.2012
After several weeks, more or less spent at home watching television because I during a crazy ride on motor bikes fractured ribs, I could no longer wait for the next trip. On long trips my body still did not dare, so we decided that we go somewhere to water.

My husband had longer agreed that on Saturday stop at the airport in Senica. So we opened the map and looking for some interesting water area in the vicinity. We caught sight of the nearby Kunovská dam.

Suburban recreation area Senice

Kunovská Dam lies just 5 kilometres north-east of the town Senica, on the southwestern tip of the White Carpathians. Although it seems in recent days that summer is already in decline, we wanted to catch a little more bronze and especially to the fresh air surrounded by beautiful countryside to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday work. Kunovská dam is directly created for it. 

Kunovská dam

Right by the water reservoir is quite large car park, which is indeed paid, but compared to prices prevailing in Bratislava and its immediate vicinity, it was more a a playground near stone beachsymbolic price. If you'd like to come here for a walk, or on a bicycle or roller skates, definitely take advantage of interesting cycling, which leads next to the stream Teplica and connects Kunovská dam with the city Senica. Even during our trip we met a lot of skaters and cyclists, who ran here either swim, or just with family or friends for a beer and Kofola. We went at least for a short walk along the beach. And how do we convince my own eyes, though there was not lying head to head, around the tank there was a real summer relax.  Some people were lying on the beaKunovská damch sunbathing and to others caught the bronze on mattress in the middle of the lake, or just casually swam, others played beach volleyball or straining your brain while playing giant chess.

Sports complex and sports equipment rental is also part of the recreation area. There you can play miniature golf or tennis for example, but also many other games. In addition, the water surface Kunovská dam is suitable foTeplica stream with cyclorouter swimming and non-motorized boats, frequently seek it also fishermen who have the opportunity to buy visitors fishing license. Even cafeterias, where there are several weren´t empty. We bought ice lollies and sat in the shade of one of the benches and watched silently around and soaked up the positive energy that reigned here. Kunovská dam is really for everyone, including even the smallest for which there is erected a very beautiful and also educational playground. During an innocent game recognize such trees by their bark, or interesting pictures of wooden puzzles create animals that live in the vicinity of the dam.

educating playgroung

I can´t even mention that the dam, there you will also find changing rooms and bathrooms very clean, with which the Slovak Republic, unfortunately, is rare. Rental boats and pedal boats, which are also located at the dam Kunovská, fortunately now a common standard of lakes and reservoirs in the suburban areas of cities.

Several facts about the dam

Finally, let´s look at the dam in numbers. Kunovská dam occupies an area of ​​65 ha. Adjusted for the public sandy beach is 250 meters long, the rest of the shore consists mostly of lawns, with trees - mostly willow and alder. Reservoir depth ranges up to 9 meters. Length of the dam, including the pre-filter tank reaches 800 meters and width of the dam at 560 meters.

Kunovská dam

Tips for trips around

Also the dam nearby is hidden some beautiful corners, or monuments, and to remember at least some of them. If you are tired of lounging carefree, take for example a 5-mile Walk route cognitive focusing on conservation, which connects with the city water reservoir Senica. Your actions can also be directed to one of the oldest villages in Zagoria, to the village Sobotiště, which lies just to jump from Kunovská dam. You can admire the original Habanas houses (Habana they settled there in the 16th century) or interesting museum of Samuel Jurkovič, that housed in a Renaissance-baroque church from the 17th century. If you would like to have a North and Central Zagoria at your fingertips, be sure to visit the nearby ruins of Branč, which rises above the village Podbranč.

Text/photo: O. Maňáková



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