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Čergov Mountain Range is placed in north-east part of Slovakia, in Region of Prešov, in Sabinov, Stará Lubovňa, Prešov and Bardejov districts. Čergov belongs to the area of East Beskydy Mountains, forming a part of Outside West Carpathian Mountains.


301 square kilometres.

The highest hill:

Minčol - 1156 metres above sea level.






SK, Bardejov – Kamenna Hora Observation Tower
Published: 4.3.2018
The region of Saris, greatly popular among tourists, has seen an addition of a new attraction which we visit today. Kamenna Hora observation tower. It offers a marvelous vista over the city of Bardejov. We reveal you some data on its foundation and give you some tips for trips into its close surroundings.

Kamenna Hora observation tower is to be found at the bottom part of a mountain ridge which goes by the same name. It is easy to access by following the red tourist trail which links the city of Bardejov and Bardejov Baths. It is easy to access the observation tower so even small kids can do it.

Kamenná hora observation tower

Those who want can roast sausages and sit on benches by an open fireplace. Little guests can expand their knowledge interactively by reading information panels on observation tower's first floor. Children match leaves of the 12 most common woods with their names, or animal imprints with animals. Also, they can learn about 5 national nature reserves, and 4 nature reserves around Bardejov city.

Bardějov Kamenná hora observation tower - information panels

naučné tabule    naučné tabule

Meaningful free time activities on fresh air is very important for kids nowadays as they mostly sit behind the computer or play with a cell phone. New attractions are about to lure here more tourists than ever. Both Tourists to the UNESCO-grade town and baths guests who love local nature found liking in the trail going to Kamenna Hora.

Bardějov Kamenná hora observation tower - information panels

The wooden observation tower goes by the name Bardejov Kamenna Hora. It was renovated towards the end of the year 2017 for shy 18 thousand euro (460 thousand CZK). This new landmark of Bardejov and the surrounding area is not the only attraction you may visit around these parts.

People who liek tourism can undertake one of three healing singletracks. These trails interconnect with one another. All trails are marked and feature resting areas. Also bikers are allowed to travel on them.

Bardějov Kamenná hora observation tower

Other great trips include Bardejov, Bardejovske baths, or Cerna Mlaka nature trail, local  open air Folk Architecture Museum, agrotourist facility in Stebnicka Huty – Sunshine Farm or Zborovsky Castle with a circular nature trail.

rozhledna Bardějov Kamenná hora – naučné tabule

The town of Svidnik is one of the more remote destinations. The same goes to the war memorial of Dukla which remembers the Catpathian-Dukla offensive of autumn 1944. Should you happen to travel to east Slovakia, go to the observation tower and explore the surroundings. We wish a great trip.

GPS: 49°18'53.4"N 21°17'04.7"E


Source and photos: OOCR ŠARIŠ Bardejov

Edited by: Infoglobe staff

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