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Krupinska Table - Land - Slovakia


Krupinska table-land is placed in south of Central Slovakia, in Regions of Banská Bystrica and Nitra, in Velký Krtíš, Krupina, Zvolen, Detva and Levice districts. The complex belongs to Slovak Ore Mountains, which forms a part of Internal West Carpathian Mountains.


853 square kilometres

The highest hill:

Kopaný závod – 775 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

Krupinska Plainland is neovolcanic mountain–range, created with pyroclastics, where dominate andesits, tufits and aglometrates, which were laid, within the first period of its volcanic activity, in water, and later, in dry-land environments. This relief is typical for its horizontal table structures. However, monotony of the relief are partially disturbed with andesit stratta. The rivers and brooks are melted away in plainland, and so, deep canyon valleys were established there. Most famous from them are Litava and Small Litava. The plainland is consequently moderated from north, reaching the height 600-800 metres above sea level, in south direction the height reaches 300 metres above sea level only. The territory is drained with rivers of Tisovník, Stará rieka, Plachtinsky brook Krupinica, Litavica and Litava.

All surface flows belong to Ipel' river bed. The range belongs to warm and moderately warm climatic area. The surface of Krupinska Plainland was very changed with humans´ activity. Afforested areas present  hornbeam and oak forests. On the contrary, non afforested areas are being used as fields, meadows and pasture lands or orchards. Krupinska Plainland is typical with its dispersed settlement. Military training space Lešť, which is closed for public, penetrates into Javorie, Ostrožky and Krupinska Table - land, and belongs to most known training places of Central Europe.


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