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Lubovňa Highland - Slovakia


Lubovňa Highland is situated in north-east Slovakia, in region of Prešov, in Stará Lubovňa district, along the border with Poland. In Slovakia, this hilly range is divided in two independent parts, separated with Polish territory from the north, and Spiš-Šariš highland and Čergov Hills from south.

Lubovňa Highland belongs to East Beskydy area, which forms a part of Outer West Carpathian Mountains.


198 square kilometres

The highest hill:

Eliášovka - 1023 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

This hilly range reminds, with its formation, open form of „U“ letter. Lubovňa Highland is granite range, built with paleogenne mineral rocks. Its relief is mostly of highland character. Mountain ridges are cut with rivers (as, for instance: Velký Lipník or Hraničná), and with meandres (bindings) of Poprad-river, along the border.

Predominant part of this hilly country is covered with forests. In lower sections, you can find leafy woods, whereas in higher situated sections you can meet mixed or coniferous forests. Non-afforested parts are covered with meadows or pasture lands, the arable soil is to be noted in wide lowlands.

Lubovňa Highland belongs to moderately warm, up to cold climatic area. In the north, in west part of hilly range, you can meet wide-branched, Eliášovka, the highest hill of this highland.

Near to the community of Sulín, mineral water spring „Sulínka“ is sourcing. The water makes positive effects thanks to its chemical composition and features, the better condition at disease of digestive tract.




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