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Muráň Table - Land - Slovakia


Muráň Plateau is situated in north part of Slovak Ore Mountains, in Region of Banska Bystrica, in Brezno, Revúca and Rimavská Sobota districts. Muráň table - land, together with Slovak Paradise, belongs to complex of Spiš-Gemer Karst, which forms a part of Internal West Carpathian Mountains.


203,18 square kilometres, its protected belt makes 216,98 square kilomentres

The highest peak:

Klak -1409 metres above sea level (small complex of Muráň table - land)

Fabova Hola - 1439 metres above sea level (inside National Park Muráň table - land)





Short characteristics:

Muráň Plateau nucleus is formed from limestone and dolomite plainland. It has a character of table-land hilly country with karst elements. The water modelled, mainly at south-east and north-west edges, steep hills, deep furrows and valleys. Plainland surface, reaching the altitude 900-1400 metres above sea level, is not too rough. The karst is quite well developped. You can find there many holes, precipices, caves and draughts. The forests cover approx. 90% of total extent of national park.

Muráň Plainland is also extraordinary with its appearance of unique plants and animals. To world´s unique belong several endemits from Tertiary Formation from plant and animals world. (as, for instance, Muráň wood-laurel). In 1997, Muráň table - and protected countryside area was re-named and re-classified to Muráń Plateau National Park.

Four geomorphological complexes are to be found inside this natural park, such as:

- Spiš - Gemer Karst (consisted of Muráň Plateau and Slovak Paradise)

- Vepor Hills

- Stolica Hills

- Horehron Valley

The tourist can choose from more than 300 kilometres of marked trails and educational paths. Best access to national park is from neghbouring communities and villages, as for instance, from Muráň or Závadka nad Hronom.



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