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Ondava Hilly Country - Slovakia


Ondava Hilly Country is placed in north-east part of Slovakia, in Region of Prešov, in Bardejov, Svidník, Stropkov, Vranov nad Toplou and Humenné districts. The complex belongs to Low Beskydy Highland, forming a part of Outer East Carpathian Mountains.


1852 square kilometres

The highest hill:

Smilniansky Hill – 750 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

Ondava Hilly Country is quite extensive range, built with paleogenne mineral rocks of outer granite, mostly with clays, sandstones, slates and marls. The relief is slippery medelled. Hill ridges are changed with valleys, basins and furrows. The surface of Ondava Hilly Country are covered with forests, mountain meadows, pasture lands and agricultural soil. Mixed forests dominate. Regarding leafy woods, the beech woods are prevailing, in less certain degree, you can find there birch-trees, maples, oaks and  hornbeams, and pine-trees from coniferous.

Prevailing part of Ondava Hilly Country belongs to moderate warm climatic area. The whole area is drained with Topl'á and Ondava rivers, including its numerous tributaries.

In Ondava Hilly Country, just on Ondava river, water-work Velká Domaša (Great Domaša) is situated, and nearby, small balancing water basin Malá Domaša (Small Domaša) is placed. This water basin is of great economical importance, and its character is polyfunctional. The complex serves for regulation of water tributaries into East Slovak Plainland, as well as useful and drinking water reservoir, and it is also used for relax purposes.

Ondava Hilly Country is relativey dense populated.



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