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Skorušinské Hills - Slovakia


Skorušinské Hills are situated in north of Slovakia, in Žilina Region, in Tvrdošín and Dolný Kubín districts. This hill range belongs to Podholno-Magura area, which forms a part of Outer West Carpathian Mountains.


192 square kilometres

The highest hill:

Skorušina - 1314 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

Skorušinské Hills are situated in north direction from West Tatra Mountain Range. Tatra Furrow is dividing it from Roháče Mountain Range, which is being formed with Blatna and Ticha (Calm) Valleys. Skorušinske Hills are built with sedimented mineral stones of Internal-Carpathian paleogenne, mostly formed with sandstones and conglomerates. The relief of Skorušinske Hilly Range presents massif ridge, divided into deep valles of Oravica and Studený potok (Cold brook) rivers. Original pine-wood forests, mixed with beech-woods and fir-trees, were changed into pine-wood monocultures. A part of this surface is covered with persistent grass copses. In summer saison, there is a big chance for mushroom or forest fruits´ picking.

Skorušinské Hills are divided into sections, as follows:

- Kopec (1251 m)

- Skorušina (1314 m) 

- Oravická Magura (1232 m)

From look out tower, placed on the top of highest hill of Skorušina, you can see main ridge of Roháče Mountain Range (in south), Great Choč (1611 m – in south-west), Oravská Magura, Oravské Beskydy and Babia Mountain (1725 m - in the north) and vast Orava basin in the east. Skorušinske Hills belong to cold climatic area. In the north, below Skorušina Peak, inside Teplica -river Valley, not far from the community of Brezovica, moderm ski centre, including artficial snow covering and well kept ski descent routes, was created. So, Skorušinské Hills are offering ideal conditions for summer as well as winter activities. A part of this area belongs to High Tatra National Park, including its protective belt.



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