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Spiš - Šariš Highlands - Slovakia


Spiš-Šariš Highlands is placed in north-east part of Slovakia, in Prešov Region, in Sabinov, Stará Lubovna and Prešov districts. The complex belongs to Podholno-Magura Area, which forms a part of Outer East Carpathian Mountains.


124 square kilometres

The highest hill:

Hromovec, 895 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

Spiš-Sariš Higlands is erosion-tectonic depression, surrounded with hilly ranges. Its formation is extended, in direction from north-west towards south-east. The complex is created with paleogenne mineral stones of Outer-Carpathian Granite Belt and mineral stones of bars´ belt. Geological relief, formed mostly from middle-mountain character, is rather hilly, with low and flat ridges and wide dale valleys. The lowest part of Spiš-Šariš Highlands belongs to warm, whereas the higher situated sections to moderate warm, and the highest sections belong to cold climatic area.

North-west part of the area is drained with Poprad-river, whereas south-east part is drained with Torysa-river. Predominant part of the surface is without forests. Coniferous forests as well as leafy woods are changing with arable lands, or surfaces of measdows and pasture-lands. In Spiš-Šariš Highlands, there are to be found many remarkable places of interest, such as: Hromovec Ridge (between the communities of Lipany and Stará Lubovna) or interesting rocky formations of bars belts in Čergov Hills. In south-west, you can find sub-section Stráže, which is interesting from the fact that the hill is of volcanic origin. In the environs of Velký Šariš, you can admire conic volcanic exots. So, from this andesite hill, you can enjoy a beautiful view towards wide Šariš countryside, arising above the community of Velký Šariš (570 metres above sea level). Here, you can find the ruins of Šariš Castle, which belong to most extended Midle Ages castles in Slovakia.  


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