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Staré Hory Hills - Slovakia


This mountain countryside complex of Staré Hory Hills is situated in Central Slovakia, in Žilina and Banská Bystrica Regions, in Ružomberok and Banská Bystrica districts.

This complex belongs to Fatra-Tatra Area, which forms a part of Internal West Carpathian Mountains.


179 square kilometres

The highest hill:

Kozí chrbát - 1330 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

Steré Hory Hills are surrounded: in east part with Low Tatra Mountains, from south: with Zvolen basin, in west and south-east with Kremnica Hills, and in north-west and north with Vel'ká Fatra Fatra. The south, smaller part of this mountain range, is a part of veporic, whereas much more north extended part, forms a part of nucleus mountain ridge belts, penetrated partially with neo-volcanic peaks. This mountain range is predominantly built with crystalinic slades and granits, where you can find mineral stones of Križna pall, with preaviling layers of dolomites and limestones. In Staré Hory Hills, inside Spania Valley, there were appeared the beds of copper, whereas in Staré Hory, the beds of silver and copper. Even at present, you can find there some  metals, including antimonite. In many-coloures slates, in Selčiany brook Valley, there were created finding places of gypsum and limestone.

This expressive articulated relief has, along its crystalinic mineral stones, quite smooth character, presented with rounded wide ridges. On the contrary, inside carbonate mineral stones, there are to be found steep slopes with rocky formations, sharp peaks or narrow valleys. Inside west and north-west part of the mountain range, karst appearance are to be discovered. This mountain range is involved in moderate warm and cold climatic area. Predominant part of the area belongs tp Hron-river basin, and it is drained by Starohorský brook, only small part is drained by Revúca-river, mouthing to Váh-river. The mountain range has a character of mountaneous, afforested and meadow countryside, with forest agriculture and tourist-relax function.

As far as the woods are concerned, the beech-wood and pine forests have its dominant position there. Owing to ore and building materials excavations, the original countryside character is substantially changed. Non-afforested parts of the surface are covered mainly with meadows, pasture lands and arable lands. Small north-east part of Staré Hory Hills forms a part of Low Tatra National Park, The whole eastern part forms a part of Protected Belt of Low Tatra National Park, and rather small  area, placed in north direction from Banská Bystrica, belongs to Protected Belt of Great Fatra National Park. Špania Dolina,old mining community, belongs to most important cultural places of interest of the whole area. The community was declared as a monument reservation of people´s architecture.


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