Vysoké Tatry (High Tatra) - Slovakia

Extent: 74111 ha

In north part of Slovakia, along borders with Poland, in districts of Kežmarok, Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad and Tvrdošín, there is situated mountain range of special character – High Tatra. It belongs, together with Belianske Tatra, to complex of East Tatra Mountains.

Highest peak: Gerlachovka (2655 m).

Surface: it is formed with dense forests, pine woods. In higher sites, there are to be found dwarfish pine woods, plough-tails and lichens. Alp-meadows are located in places where the trees are missing.

Climate: mostly cold, 0 Celsius degrees. The snow remains on surface nearly all year round, on some places does not thaw at all.

Mountain nucleus is formed with granites and crystalic slates, on surface with limestones and sandstones, with appearance of quartz.

Mountain relief is very rough, including steep shields and combs.

We find here caves with karst appearances, waterfalls, lakes (plesa), healing springs, rare plants and many animals, in form of great mammalia.

High Tatra Mountains were declared as Tatra National Park in 1948. Later, in 1993, declared as biospherical reservation within scope of international UNESCO programme.






SVK: High Tatra Mountains Seen From Baloon
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 33 pictures

A conquest of High Tatra Mountains, this was rather dangerous challenge for Czech and Slovak balloonists. After three years of preapir works, they flew over, in the height of four kilometres, the highest mountain range of Slovak Republic. The way was long and freezing, taking two hours. After each overcome kilometre, the air-temperature dropped of 7 °C.

In a height of four kilometres, where mostly the plains are flying, the weather was comparable with Anctarctide relations.

So, Balony Company presented us such extraordinary experience.

Text: Tereza Flašková

Photo: Balony.eu

SVK: High Tatra Mountains - From Lake To Lake
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 25 pictures

High Tatra Mountains are beautiful during any year saison. Despite the fact that during our walk from Štrbské Lake to Poprad Lake no sun was shining and the sky was covered with clouds, and a drizzle with small snow fall was changing, this short walk in fresh air gave us enough forces, in order so called „spring exhaustion“ could be overcome.

The photos wre made at the end of March 2011.

Text/foto: O. Kubáčková


SVK: High Tatra mountain - Lomnický Peak
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 122 pictures

Lomnický Peak (2634 m) was taken for the highest from all Tatra peaks for long time in past. Nevertheless, we know that the highest one is those of gerlach peak (2655 m). Lomnicky Peak - (or Grandfather named by old Tatra inhabitants) - or Tatra King (named by Poles), belongs to most beautiful peaks of High Tatra Mountans.

Up to its top, where you can enjoy, apart from mountain bar and marvellous outlook terrace, you can be taken comfortably by means of cabin rope railway. So, thanks to this rope railway, even standard tourists, including families with children, old persons or handicapped people, are able to reach easily the peak. The only momemt you have to overcome, it is a freight against height, as the view to rope railway, hanging on the rope, without any supporting pillar, is really colossal.

Classical cabin rope railway takes you from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté pleso (Rocky Lake), via Start Station, where you are not obliged to go out. Further, in Skalnaté pleso, you get into great red cabin (it is really for courageous persons only) and this cabin takes you up to the top.

We decided, with our friends, to take advantage of the possibility of accommodation directly at Lomnicky Peak, the highest situated room in Central Europe. So, I would like to present you some photos from such unforgettable excursion. You can find there different outlooks from the top, the pictures were made during a day or at night. Apart of this, you can have a look into observatory, where the scientists follow the sun, or have a look at the highest situated hotel-room, where we spent a night.

At Lomnický Peak, it is always a place of Sun Embassy for the whole Planet of the Earth. It is some type of play, where the persons can present the gifts with sun shines to each other, and so, to be nominated as Sun Ambassadors. The profit from such activity is donated for an operation of  one from most known Slovak Charity systems, known as „Dobrý Anjel („Good Engel“).

Text/photo: Olga Kubáčková

SR, Tatranská Lomnica: Tatranský fotomaraton 2012
heading (paragraph): Other
No. of pictures: 31 pictures

For all photography and Tatra Mountain lovers is in the High Tatras for the second time presented event "Tatranský fotomaraton". The event consisted of two parts. In the first part of the contest participants had to present their view of the city and nature through photography. They had to grapple with eight themes in eight hours. In the second part of the work of the participants was evaluated and appreciated. Contestants were invited to the grand opening of the winning photo, which was also mere ceremony. Our portal Infoglobe was a media partner of the event. Presented at the opening of the latest catalog of "Tourist Attractions of the Czech and Slovak Republics," which was received with interest not only of the participants actions, but also the general public.

The winning photos you can see HERE

Text/photo: Oskar Mažgút

SR, High Tatras: Nový and Starý Smokovec
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 30 pictures

We would like to invite you to a walk to Nový and Starý Smokovec which are part of the biggest town in Slovakia - the town of High Tatras. From pensions decorated with hundreds of blossoms we move through narrow stone sidewalks along well-known sanatoriums and health resorts to churches. From here we continue to the memorial of a natural disaster which not so long ago hit the whole area. And now we are in the centre of tourism in Slovakia. Beautiful and unique Tatranian architecture set in the diverse and sharp strip of Tatranian ridges will amuse you and you will feel respect to the nature and people living in these settlements, or rather parts of town.

Text a photo: Oskar Mažgút

Translation: Maxim Kucer

SK: High Tatras - Winter Impressions I
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 25 pictures

Высокие Татры это ворота словацкого туризма. На протяжении столетий они привлекают туристов со всего мира, которые сюда чодят за их красотой, массивностью и суровостью. Несмотря на то, что они меньше чем Альпы они не менше уникальные. Сейчас зимой они покрыты белым одеялом из которого где-то можно увидеть крысталовие сосулькы. Кокда этот сымбиос дополняет солнце это творить прекрасной вид. Мы надеемця, что Вам тоже понравится посмотреть Татры и что они Вас очаруют...

Текст и фото: Оскар Maжгут


SK: High Tatras: Winter Impression II
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 24 pictures

If you ask some Slovak about things he is proud of, he will answer the nature, most certainly. Yes, there are several natural gems in our small country, one of them are the the High Tatras. Their roughness and monumental impression is softened by snow that covers tham to "warm" white sweater. Whether you travel by car or by bus their dress will welcome you and invite you for a closer look. Their impressiveness from a large distance, fragility when you are close... this is how our beloved small - huge mountains are. Lens of our camera can't even capture that beautiful feeling that you will experience when you visit this picturesque part of Slovakia.

Text and photo: Oskar Mažgút

Překlad: Stanislava Waniová

SK: High Tatras - To the Cottage by Zelené pleso
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 28 pictures

It was a one nice winter day when we set out to the High Tatras . As our goal we chose the Cottage by Zelené pleso. After we parked our car on a paid parking lot we descended for 2 hours along the valley of Bílá voda. On our road we learned that the valley was a protected natural area since 1991. Its natural wealth was covered with snow but we didnt regret. A look itself on snowy trees, creeks full of bizarre shapes and icy shields were an unusual experience for us. After more than two hours of a nice walk on a slightly ascending road we spot our goal- the Cottage by Zelené pleso where we had rested for a while. The road back took us less time. An adrenalin in our veins was caused by skiers and cross country skiers who zipped along us from time to time. Frozen and pleasantly tired we reached our car in good health. Lets go with us to this white beauty of the Tatras.

Text and photo: Oskar Mažgút

SK, Poprad - The Entrance Gate to the Tatras
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 23 pictures

The district city of Poprad is located in northeastern Slovakia and from the time immemorial people regard is as the entrance gate to the Tatras. From the Poprad train station there goes a direct route to the unique pride of Slovaks - the High Tatras. If you want to visit our small high ountains you shouldnt miss this city. Poprad offers to its visitor beautiful and renovated pedestrian zone, unique gallery situated in the former steam power house building, the Podtatranske museum with hundreds of historical items related to this region or relax at nearby aquapark. Poprad is also a city of sport - there is a hockey club and it applied for the winter Olympic games two times. You may find also a brewery there as well as the largest Slovak tea and coffee producer or world-famous train rail carriage factory.

Text and photo: Oskár Mažgút

SK, Spisska Sobota - A Well-Preserved History
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 29 pictures

Poprad Cityhides well-preserved historical center in Spisska Sobota, its northwestern part. There are many Gothic, renaissance, and baroque town houses as well as evangelical church, renaissance bell tower, chapel or a catholic church that dominates the area. Thanks to this marvelous architecture the historical center itself was declared city historical landmark reservation. This district is rich not only with its exterior. Just the opposite! There are priceless works of art in the church on the square' s beginning. Their author is famous Master Pavel of Levoca. Visitors can learn about the history also in local museum or enjoy atmosphere of the city in traditional medieval restaurants located on the square.

Text and photo: Oskár Mažgút

SK: TF 2013 – Unusual Mountain Photos
heading (paragraph): Other
No. of pictures: 32 pictures

On Saturday 19 October 2013 there was a celebratory vernisage in Stary Smokovec. It was held in alpine clubhouse and all competing were awarded for taking part in the third year of the Tatranian photomarathon. The best three in the MOUNTAINS and CITY categories got prizes from ImagePoster.eucompany, large scale posters. Awarded competitors also got many material prizes. Among them were Tourist destinations catalogues by Infoglobe , one of the major partners of the event. Visitors could enjoy unusual views of the small giant mountains of the High Tatras . All participants got some food and enjoyed great atmosphere enhanced by stories of the Mountaineers. The organizers of the event thank to the Kozler s.r.o. and ImagePoster companies as well as to all other partners and good people who participated in organizing this great event.

Infoglobe Portal offers you a look at not only awarded photos of the Tatranian Photomarathon but also an option to view competing or exhibition part of the happening. The exhibition will continue until the end of the year.

Text : Oskár Mažgút

Photo : Oskár Mažgút , fotomaraton.hory.sk

SK: High Tatras - Ice Beauties
heading (paragraph): Other
No. of pictures: 24 pictures

Since December 2013 until March 2014, visitors to the High Tatras had chance tosee beautiful works of art made from ice. A unique ice cathedral with decoration inspired by Tatranian nature was located right on Hrebienok in the High Tatras. A designed tent resembling an igloo shielded it from wind and snow. Exterior and interior were greatly illuminated which only enhanced the artistic experience. After the end of the TATRA ICE MASTER 2014, a competition where the best artists from 8 European countries created unimaginably beautiful ice sculptures, the surrounding of the cathedral was filled with another works made of ice. Our staff was there. We have here a small memory of this event, when ice works crated by human hands put joy into hearts of visitors to the Tatras.


Text a foto: Oskár Mažgút

Překlad: Stanislava Waniová

SK, High Tatra - Monumental Krivan Mountain
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 36 pictures

It is one of the highest, most popular and most massive ridges of Vysoke Tatra. It is 2494 meters high mountain called Krivan. Every year thousands of tourists and mountainers conquer it. From the top you can see the landscape from the Low Tatra, through Tatra ridges to peaks of the Fatra. The atmosphere is topped with surroundings lakes, flowers and rocks. Join us to this interesting mountain walk inside the symbol of Slovakia.

Text and photo: Oskár Mažgút

SK, High Tatra – Unique Ice Temple
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 19 pictures

Truly extraordinary structure in Hrebienok, the High Tatras is to be seen this winter. Its unique feature is that it is made of ice. We talk about the Tatranian ice done. As decoration there are Baroque-style ice statues and reliefs as well as stained glass made of ice displaying flowers. This work of urt is under a special domelike roof protecting it from unfavorable weather. Our photogallery takes you inside these 70 tons of ice. A remarkable experience.

Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

SK: High Tatra Mountains – A Trek Across Mlynicka and Furkotska Valleys
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 25 pictures

Thanks to the beauty and difficulty of individual trails, the High Tatras fulfill the needs of the most demanding tourists. A trek across Mlynicka and Furkotska valley takes an entire day. Mountain hikers prefer this route. Our photogallery takes a closer look at this tour across two Tatranian valleys. We start off by Strbske Lake. From there we follow a yellow trail to Mlynicke Valley. Then we go by Skok waterfall, Pleso nad Skokem lake and Capie lake.

The terrain goes uphill to Bystra lavka saddle. Here you can make a turn and take a short climb to Furkotsky pyramidal peak (2 405 m). Let's go back to Bystra lavka saddle where the trail is secured by chains. Here we go steeply downhill to Vysne Wahleberg lake. Our tour then follows Nizne Wahlenberg lake. We still go donwhill and eventually we join a red tourist trail to Strbske lake.

Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

SK: High Tatra – In the Winter Realm of Mala Studena Valley
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 20 pictures

Malá Studená valley is one of the most popular places in the High Tatras. Skialpinism is very popular activity around here. However, here you may also do some winter mountain hikes. The green tourist trail running to Mala Studena valley and up to Tery cabin. It is open for tourists all year-round, even in the winter season when majority of trails in the Tatranian National Park. This gallery takes you to Mala Studena valley area – to inhospitable yet beautiful winter realm.


Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

SK: High Tatras – Cold Embrace of Velka Studena Valley
heading (paragraph): Nature
No. of pictures: 20 pictures

Velka Studina valley is a popular winter locality in the High Tatras. It is easy accessible from Hrebienek. You need to follow the redt trail and then make a turn at Nad Rainerovou Chatou signpost. This will get you to a blue tourist trai. This trail is not affected by winter closure. So visitors to the High Tatars can access it throughout the year (up to Zbojnicka cabin). Apart from tourism, Velka Studena valley is a great place for skialpinism. Winter crossing through this Tatranian valley is an interesting and unforgettable experience. Don't forget to visit Zbojincka cabin. Like a lighthouse it provides shelter in white snow covered landscape. Inside you may warm yourselves by a cup of tea or cabbage soup.


Text and photo: Radoslav Biskupič

SK: High Tatras – A Trek Up Predni Solisko
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 20 pictures

Predni Solisko in the Tatra National Park is one of the few summits accessible to tourist throghout the year. This summit makes the edge of the Solisko ridge. The mountain rises up to 1 117 m and is a popular point of interest of many tourist treks in winter. The hiking route follows a marked tourist trail which starts at Strbske Pleso, then it crosses ski resort and continues uphill to Pod Soliskem Cabin. Eventually it gets you to the final climb up the summit. The mountain offers particularly amazing vista on its very top – Podtatranska basin, the Low Tatras, or Mlynicka and Furtkotska valley.


Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

SK: High Tatras  –  Across Koprova Valley up the Main Ridge of the Tatras
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 25 pictures

The Koprova Valley is an important  valley in the Tatras, through which run the boundaries between the West and the High Tatras. On the left are the hills of the Liptovske Kopy, which form the eastern edge of the Western Tatras. The right side already belongs to the High Tatras. We can begin a very nice all day tour  either at the "former Vazecka cabin " signpost or from the Three Wells and following the crossing through the red path through the small crest. We will join the blue trail leading us to the "Hlinska Valley, estuary" signpost. Next continue along the green marked trail leading through the picturesque Kobyli valley to Zavory klippe  (1 877 m above sea level). From there, we head down the red marked trail directly into Hladke klippe  (1 993 m above sea level), which extends on the main ridge of the High Tatras. The views of the Ticha Valley and the Liptovské kopy, as well as the Polish part of the Tatra Mountains - the magical valley of Piecie Stawow Polskich and the mighty Svinica (2 301 m) and Kozi Wierch (2 291 m above sea level).


Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

SK, The Tatras – Tichá and Pięciu Stawów Polskich Valleys
heading (paragraph): Nature
No. of pictures: 34 pictures

Summer is perfect time for hiking. Take a tour of the Tichá dolina valley through the current photo gallery, which is 16 km long and border the High and Western Tatras. A yellow-marked hiking trail leads from Podbanské to the Kasprův Hill. If in the Liptovská Ohrada you take a turn to the red marked trail you get to the Závory Klippe and Hladke Klippe, where you can enjoy a glimpse into the valley Pięciu Stawów Polskich, that is the valley of five Polish balls. It is already part of the Polish part of the Tatra National Park.


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: Karol Kobella (www.karolkobella.sk)

SK, High Tatras – Kriváň Gold and Guerilla Fighters
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 25 pictures

Today we invite you to a trip to the High Tatras to the majestic peak Krivan, which has been a symbol of Slovakia for decades. However, this time we will not focus on tourism, but on exploring its hidden beauties and sights. The first is a guerrilla bunker, where the fight of German fascists took place with partisan troops of the High Tatras. This memorable place can be reached from the Three Wells tourist crossroads and leads along a green-marked hiking trail to the top of Kriváň. The marked branch to the bunker is located in the first third of the ascent, below the Grúnik hill.

The second unusual stop will be the Kriváňské doly, where gold, silver and other minerals were mined. Though not many of them were found, but even a few were enough to lend Krivan beautiful legends. You will find the remains below the very top of the shield, as well as in the lower altitudes. Their exact location can be found on the map in the Slovak Museum of Nature Conservation and Caving in Liptovský Mikuláš or here. Please note that access to mines is only permitted with authorized personnel.


Dnes vás zveme na vysokotatranský výlet k majestátnímu štítu Kriváň, který je již desetiletí symbolem Slovenska. Avšak tentokrát se nezaměříme na turistiku, ale na poznávání jeho skrytých krás a pozoruhodností. První z nich je partyzánský bunkr, kde se odehrál boj německých fašistů s příslušníky partyzánského oddílu Vysoké Tatry. K tomuto památnému místu dojdete z turistického rozcestí Tři studánky a vede po zeleně značeném turistické stezce na vrchol Kriváně. Značená odbočka k bunkru se nachází v první třetině výstupu, pod vrchem Grúnik.

Druhým nevšedním zastavením budou Kriváňské doly, kde se těžilo zlato, stříbro a jiné minerály. Nenašlo se jich sice mnoho, ale i to málo stačilo k opředení Kriváně nádhernými legendami. Pozůstatky dolů najdete pod samotným vrcholem štítu, jakož i v nižších polohách. Jejich přesnější umístění najdete na mapě ve Slovenském muzeu ochrany přírody a jeskyňářství v Liptovském Mikuláši nebo zde. Upozorňujeme, že přístup k dolům je povolen jen s oprávněnou osobou.


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Foto: HIK, o. z.

High Tatra Mountain Range
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 40 pictures

High Tatra Mountains are one of most beautiful and popular area of tourist movement of Slovak Republic. The mountains are to be found in north part of the country, along borders with Poland. The mountain range offers suitable conditions fro mountaineering, skiing as well as realx.

Gerlach Peak (2655 m) is situated nearly in the centre of mountain range.

Photo: M. Musil (photoguide.cz), Ivo Sčensný (scensny.blog.sme.sk)


High Tatra Mountains
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 46 pictures

All pictures were made in autumn 2009. At that time, summer saison was over and the weather was not pleasant. On the other hand, it was advantageous that we did not met, during our excursions to Lomnický Peak and Štrba Lake, any persons, with the exception of many motor vehicles.

Photo: Štěpánka Svobodová



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