Vysoké Tatry (High Tatra) - Slovakia

Extent: 74111 ha

In north part of Slovakia, along borders with Poland, in districts of Kežmarok, Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad and Tvrdošín, there is situated mountain range of special character – High Tatra. It belongs, together with Belianske Tatra, to complex of East Tatra Mountains.

Highest peak: Gerlachovka (2655 m).

Surface: it is formed with dense forests, pine woods. In higher sites, there are to be found dwarfish pine woods, plough-tails and lichens. Alp-meadows are located in places where the trees are missing.

Climate: mostly cold, 0 Celsius degrees. The snow remains on surface nearly all year round, on some places does not thaw at all.

Mountain nucleus is formed with granites and crystalic slates, on surface with limestones and sandstones, with appearance of quartz.

Mountain relief is very rough, including steep shields and combs.

We find here caves with karst appearances, waterfalls, lakes (plesa), healing springs, rare plants and many animals, in form of great mammalia.

High Tatra Mountains were declared as Tatra National Park in 1948. Later, in 1993, declared as biospherical reservation within scope of international UNESCO programme.







Black Storck
Address: Tatranská 754, 059 52 Veľká Lomnica
Town: Poprad
Phone no.: +421 52 466 1111

Air Transport Europe (VZZS)
Address: Letisko Poprad - Tatry, 058 98 Poprad
Town: Poprad
Phone no.: +421 52 776 4580
E-mail: ate@ate.sk
http://: www.ate.sk

Mountain rescue service (HZS)
Address: Horný Smokovec 52, 062 01 Vysoké Tatry
Town: Poprad
Phone no.: +421 52 787 7111
E-mail: hzs@hzs.sk
http://: www.hzs.sk

OS HZS Vysoke Tatry
Address: Starý Smokovec 23, 059 60 Vysoké Tatry
Town: Poprad
Phone no.: +421 52 442 2820
http://: www.hzs.sk

Tatra Information Office Starý Smokovec
Address: HZS Starý Smokovec
Town: Poprad
Phone no.: +421 52 442 3440

Tatra Information Office Tatranska Lomnica
Address: 059 60 Tatranská Lomnica
Town: Poprad
Phone no.: +421 52 446 8119

Tatranska horska sluzba - d.z.
Address: Dom HZS 23, 062 01 Starý Smokovec
Town: Poprad
Phone no.: +421 918 255 917
http://: www.ths-dz.sk

Citybowling MAX
Address: Dlhé hony 4587/1, 058 01 Poprad
Town: Poprad

Eurocamp FICC Tatranska Lomnica
Address: 059 60 Tatranská Lomnica
Town: Poprad

Park Snow Štrbské Pleso
Address: 1. Tatranská, a.s., PARK SNOW Vysoké Tatry, 059 85 Štrbské Pleso
Town: Štrbské Pleso

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