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Zemplin Hills - Slovakia


Zemplin Hills are placed in south part of East Slovakia, in Košice Region, in Trebišov district. The complex belongs to Matra-Slanec area, which forms a part of Internal West Carpathian Mountains.


101 square kilometres

The highest hill:

Rozhledna (Look-Out-Tower) – 469 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

Zemplin Hills are not too great. Its geomorphological structure is rather complicated. Its ridge is passing along breaks from north-west to south-east. direction. The complex is constructed with „kriznan coverings“ (sandstones, dolomites, conglomerates, limestones, etc.), and at its corners, with neogenne volcanic andesites and ryolites are to be found. The hilly range relief has plain-land character in its western part, to east direction prevails highlands character, whereas central part of the range has quite articulated relief.

Higher parts of this hilly range are covered with leafy woods, mostly oak-forests, the lower corner parts are free from forests and are covered with arable land surface, meadows, orchards, gardens and vineyards. Famous Tokai Vineyard are is situated in south-west headlands of  Zemplin Hills. This area in Slovakia has an acreage of 907 ha only. It is the smallest vineyard area.

In west corner part of Zemplin Hills, an independent geomorphological complex, known as Ronavská Gate, is arising. This formation presents decline ditch hollow, between Zemplin Hills and Hungarian Tokai-Zempleni Hegyseg (Tokai Hills). This Hilly Range is drained with Bodrog-river. Zemplin Hills belong to warm climatic area.


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