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Nepal, Annapurna – A Trek Around Massive Mountains

Published: 15.12.2018
Divine mountain vistas, villages made of houses of stone as in the Middle Ages, the legendary tour around Annapuren, which annually attracts more than fifty thousand visitors and more and more of them try it every year.

A trek around Annapurnas is one of the most popular in Nepal, along with it to the Everest base camp, and is also considered one of the most beautiful treks in the world. This very popular route is known not only for beautiful views of some of the world's highest peaks, amazing surrounding landscape but also for its cultural diversity. Annapurna means "Goddess of Harvest". However, few know that Annapurna is not just one. In the Annapuren massif, besides Annapurna I, we find Annapurn II, III, IV and Annapurna South.

horská krajina v blízkosti Thorung Pedi

Practically you can not get lost. The roads are visibly marked and the terrain is not extremely demanding. Climbing is gradual, but saddle transition can complicate avalanches, landslides or unpleasant weather. A hundred and seventy to two hundred thirty kilometers long trek will take two to three weeks, depending on route choice and physical fitness. The best time is in the spring and autumn months. At lower altitudes, blooming rhododendrons, birds, flowers, and lush green landscapes can be seen in the spring months. While on the way, you can come across several cozy loggia that offer both sleeping and dining options.

ubytování v Yak Kharka    pohled na Thorung Pedi z High Kemp

vesnice Manang

The starting point of the trek is the town of Besisahar, from where you can go on foot or continue the jeep to Manang. Narrow stone-paved lanes, horses, western-style bakery, that's Manang. Ideal place for acclimatization and short trips to the surroundings. The most proficient and courageous with plenty of time, there is still the possibility of a trek to reach the highest glacier lake in the world at 4919 m above sea level, Lake Tilico.

The Massive Pass of Thorong La

vrchol treku – sedlo Thorong La

The pinnacle  experience of the trek is the crossing of the Thorong La at 5516 m above sea-level, where colorful prayer flags and views of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri Mountains await you. Behind the pass begins a steep descent into the deepest valley of the world - the valley of the Kali Gandaki river. After crossing the Thorong La klippe, meet in Muktinath, where you can meet pilgrims from all over Nepal and India. The area of the forbidden kingdom of Mustang is within range, but you must have a special permit to visit this royal area, which will cost you $ 500 for 10 days. The trek ends in Muctinahu, where the road begins. From here you can continue down the Kali Gandaki Valley to Tatopani. If you do not want to spend more than twelve hours on the bus, there is the possibility to use the air transport from Jomson to Pokhara.

autobusem do Pokhary    Muktinath

Do not hesitate and take a classic Himalayan route, which is perhaps the duty of all lovers of alpine tourism.

GPS: 28°31'07.5"N 83°48'22.4"E


Text and photos: Andrea Meluzínová

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