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On this occasion, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that the foreigners, travelling to Nepal, become frequently a target of street criminality. These are, first of all, the pilferages, thefts of personal luggage and belongings, etc. Even the women could be troubled. So, the women are recommended to be dressed in suitable way (no short skirts and tricots), especially in remote areas.

Hygienical conditions

When travelling to Nepal, you would keep your hygienic customs in higher measure. Despite this fact, foreign visitors are unable to prevent so called „travelling diarrhoea“ Moreover, after several days of stay, the travellers could feel stomach pains as well as intestines trouble, caused by change of microflora in organism, and not as the visitors are of an opinion, by means of any disease. So, strong diet and a rest could be helpful, in order to overcome such period without big problems. Provided such problems are not over, it would be necessary to ask for doctor´s help, as it could be cholera (in past, several cholera epidemies were noted in the country, with a consequence of death of hundreds of persons, so, it is necessary to take into account its existence). But, it is not excluded, that jaundice, amenosis or lambliosis could be specified.

Caution: in south part of Nepal, there was noted a presence (since August till November) a Japanese encefalitide, the reason of death for many people. Moreover, since November till May, the epidemy of meningokok meninghitide breaks out in Nepal.

During contact with animals, there is appearing high risk of hydrophobia infection (especially in the evening). Further, you have to take into account possible poisonous snake-bite in immense mountaneous terrain.

Climate and whether

In Nepal, classical monsoon weather is dominating. Rain period is prevailing since June till September. So, the best months for trekking are April and May in spring, and the end of September, October and the beginning of November in autumn. In such way, you can avoid the rains and humidity in summer and frost in winter. The south of Nepal is rather more warm, with its subtropical weather, and in north direction, with the higher altitude, the climate is changing to mountaneous one, with its all typical elements.


Nepal boarding is not too diverse, and corresponds to rough character of the country. So, as the typical meal is those of „dhal bhat tarkari“ - leguminous soup and a vegetable on kari. As far as the boarding in Nepal is concerned, similar rules are valid, as in any other places in Asia. You would prefer to choose clean places for your boarding. As most general rule is always valid: the boarding will be tasted and safe, where crowds of persons are gathering.

The water would be drunk from originally closed bottles only. Water-drinking from conduits is not to be recommended (nor in ice form!). In high mountains, local water springs could be drunken, but the security could be obtained by solid boiling only. On the other hand, so called drink regime must be kept - it means, you are recommended to drink often and a lot.

Transport and telecommunications

In the country exist flight connections, especially between Kathmandu and Pokhara. However, road nest is not expanded, and its quality level is very weak. Moreover, the travelling by bus could be very exhausted. In mountain areas, the non-consolidated paths for foot passengers are to be found only.

Phone lines abroad are functioning quite well. Together with phone calls, you can fully use fax connection. Internet caffees  are available mostly in bigger towns.


Quick transfer of money is possible by means of American Express or Western Union services. Anyway, you are recommended to take with USD, which could be officially exchanged in banks or exchange offices. The travel cheques are exchanged also without any trouble (the fee makes 1-2%), provided they are issued in US dollars, British pounds or Australian dollars.


In Nepal, you can find large scale of accommodation centres. The unit prices range from USD 10 up to USD 60 per person and night.

The other information and recommandations:

- women are recommended not to be dressed in mini-skirts, and men must be always dressed in shirts or tricots

- do not forget your sun glasses, head-dress and sun burning cream

- regarding communication: no problem to speak English

- time: Central European Time + 5 hours in winter, and + 4 hours in summer

- mountain trekking in Nepal could be high risky, many mountaineers die each year

in mountains

- information regarding trekks: could be presented in Tilicho Hotel, Kathmandu, Tridevi Marg


- in Buddhist churches you have to walk  barfooted, and you would walk in direction of o´clock hands

- ISIC document could be very useful in Nepal, especially for cheaper accommodation


Important phone numbers in Kathmandu

Ambulance: (01) 228 094

Police, Durbar Sguare: (01) 211 162

Firemen: (01) 221 177





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