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General Information

Official name:                    The Republic of Nicaragua

Capital:                                Managua

Extent:                                 131 812 square kilometres

Population number:          5 359 759

Official language:               Spanish

State organization:            Republic

Main religion:                     Roman Catholic (73%), Protestants (16%), other religion (2%), no confession 9%)

Time:                                   Central European Time – 7 hours



Nicaragua is, owing to its extent, the biggest territory of Central America. The country neighbours: in north with Honduras, in south with Costarica, in the east with Caribbean Sea, and in west with Pacific Ocean. The country is divided into three areas, completely different from geographical point of view: Pacific coastal plainlands, mountaneous area in the centre and in north, and Caribbean plains.


Nicaragua is the most afforested territory of all Central American countries, and most deserted coloniized area at the same time. According to local estimates, more than 1400 animal sorts and 1200 plant sorts are living there, and at least of 5000 sorts which were not discovered till now.


The climate of Nicaragua is stipulated with two basic factors: it is an altitude and year season. Complete Pacific coasts, including capital Managua, are very hot all year round. On the other hand, mountaneous area in the north, close to Managua and Esteli, is substantively colder. Rain period of this area is lasting since May till November. Dry period is lasting since December till April. Most precipitation falls in capital during June, September and October, whereas the highest temperatures prevail there since March till May (exceeding 30 °C).


One fifth of local inhabitants live in the capital, the rest mostly along Pacific coast. Most of population (70%) is formed with half-breeds of aboriginal inhabitants and Spanish colonists, 17% Spaniards and other Europeans, 9% negroes and 5% Indians. 72% of total population is younger than 30 years of age, and 42% is younger than 15 years of age.




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