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Not taking into account the fact that a stage of general crimes could be is rather low in Nicaragua, than in the other countries of Central America, it is to be recommended, to keep all basic safety rules. Despite this fact, there is a danger of physical attacks, pilferages, thefts and othe criminal activities.

So, you are recommended not to travel to remote areas of northern departments of Nueva Segovia, Madriz, Esteli, Jinotega, Matagalpa, Boaco and to zones of Atlantic departments, where, howerer, numerous armed crime groups are operating.

Owing to safety situation of the country, you are recommended to keep the basic rules, as follows:

- do keep your passport and the other valuable documents, air-tickets, etc. in hotel safe, do not take it with, and travel with minimal cash money

- do not wear the jewels, and pay attention to valuable subjects, such as: photo-and video-cameras, etc

- would you park always in guarded parking places, and do not leave ever any things inside

- do not take hitch-hikers with, drive only on main roads and during day light

- do order a taxi by means of hotel receptionists only, rent a car at well-known offices only

- do travel with health insurance, check the spread of such healt policy if it is valid for

the territory of Nicaragua

- pay attention for your luggage and bags and all your documents in city centres, in hotel lobbies, at bus stops, and even directly inside buses.

Regarding stay at sea coasts in Nicaragua: some low streams are extremely dangerous, especially at Pacific coasts. However, each year are drowned there several tens of persons!

As far as the health situation of the country is concerned: some tropical diseases, transferred by mosquitos (dengue fewer or malaria) are appearing in virgin forest areas. So, you are recommended to avoid the places where stagnant water is appearing and protect your body against mosquitos, by means of preventive means. During longer stay in virgin forest areas, the vaccination against jaundice (A and B types) as well as against yellow fewer is highly recommended.

To health risks for travellers in Nicaragua, the ilness with diarrhoea, parasites (amebeas), conjunctiva inflammation, parotid gland, cholera, malaria or dengue fewer could be expected. So, you are recommended to undergone the respective health inspection after your return from Nicaragua. So, we wish to recommend you to take with the medicines against stomach and intestinal troubles, sun-burning cream with higher protective factor and repelents. In connection with local hygienic conditions, it is to be recommended to drink bottled water only, to peel all sorts of fruit and vegetables or to make the disinfection  in anti-bacterial solution.

Important Phone Numbers 

Emergency service:     128

Firemen:                         115

Police:                             118




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