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Security situation:

Regarding security situation: it is quite stabil, the criminality in the country is low. Nevertheless, this stage was reached by means of hard recourse of each transgression and very strong attitude of authorities against violation of local prescriptions. So, provided some criminal act would be committed, very severe punishments are determined, and, as a result, deportation from the country follows. Extreme hard recourses are effected against drug sellers and drug  holders, against alcohol sellers or business with erotic materials and printed matters.


Mediterranean climate prevails in the north of the country and in inland, whereas the south part of Oman is situated in tropical belt, where summer temperatures move between 38-50°C. During winter saison, it is cloudy with rains and temperatures move between 18-25°C. In general, there is very high humidity all year round, as well as high intensity of sun rays (the glasses with UV filtre are recommended do be taken).


Oman is a country with relatively liberal attitude to strengthening of rules of Islam religion. Satellite TV-programmes are partially allowed to be followed. The women in towns are tolerated with their standard, European outfits. Anyway, no alcoholic drinks are being sold in shops, and its consumption is reserved in private or in hotel restaurants and bars only.

Recommandations for tourists:

Climatic conditions as well as service for tourists in Oman are really on very high level, similarly, as in SAE. Nevertheless, you would  draw your attention for sufficient protection against high sun rays intensity and sufficient supply of drinks and liquids, especially during very hot summer period. On this occasion, we recommend you to avoid drinking of the water of unknown origin, and for bathing in the sea, to use protected public beaches only. When you follow all basic hygienic rules, you do not need to be afraid of infection from foodstuffs. However, your holiday in Oman is rather complicated for sufficient quantity of your financial means as in SAE, at the price levels of services, foodstuffs and the other goods are quite high and expensive.

New measures:

In connection with 2002, declared as a „Year of Life Millieu in GCC Countries“, the sovereign of Sultanate Oman decided that non-plumbiferous benzine only must be applicated in motor vehicles.

Important Phone Numbers:

Firemen:                        290211

Police:                            290099

Ambulance:                   999

Emergency service:    211555






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Important Information:

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