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CZ: Sazava River – From Camp Horka II to Cesky Sternberk

Published: 27.7.2017
The charm of the Sazava river was already told about in the last article. Now board a boat with us for we have a 2-day boat ride ahead of us. We start off at Horka II camp and sail down to Cesky Sternberk. This section is quite tranquil with an occasional weir or two. The stretches you need to do in a day are quite long especially because of long distances between camps and snack bars. You can ride there on a canoe even in the occasion of lower water level.

The camp where you can start is situated on the right bank of the river. There are either two-story cabins for four or you can stay in a tent. Showers with hot water and toilets are shared. There is also an average restaurant. There you can order a breakfast or dinner. Otherwise it is a pub. The camp administrator also works at boat rental. Therefore, it was more up to us how many of us were at the camp and how many cars were parked there. The atmosphere was very pleasant and payment was on trust basis.

pozor na balvany pod jezy   there are many nature obstacles in the water

The first weir below the camp is not possible to sail over. Instead you need to carry your boat along the riverbank. Then two meanders follow and in one ocassion you sale under a road bridge and then under a pedestrian bridge. Zruc nad Sazavou chateau is visible just behind the bridges. On your left, notice a little piece of shore where you can get back on land. Close to that, there is Rakosi camp. The first sailable weir (Chaberice weir) is after long calm stretch of the river. You sail over the weir by going through its middle. It is nothing extraordinary. Usually a camp with a snack bar is close to every weir. The same is here. However, is you move on then you are about to ride over 8,4 kiolometers without any food. Zelivka, the largest tributary joins the Sazava from the left side 2,3 kilometers behind the last weir.

a camp, Kacov

Upon strenous paddling you finally reach Posadovsky mill weir which you can sail through canal. On the right behind the weir, there is Camp Omaha and a snack bar. It is an easy ride from Kacov then. Then you are done with the 20-kilometer ride. Kacovsky weir is passable only on sufficient water level. There is a very old and unmaintained chateau. PLus, there is a maintained chatau beer brewery. U Kouzelnika camp and a snack bar are situated close to the weircamp and snack bar. The camp is very popular and the administrator controls if visitors pay.

brewery and Kacov

A peaceful night has already passed and now you are ready to go on on your journey. You hop on your boat on the 89 kilometer with 12 kilometers to go to reach Cesky Sternberk. Some weirs are getting increasingly difficult so much that your boat can turn over. Four 4 kilometers down the stream, there is a small pub Na Zabkach. Else you can ride on another 1,6 kilometers to Peliskuv Bridge weir. Under the bridge, you may find a nice snack bar U Certa. Around this stall, usually many people stand around watching if you manage to avoid boulders or clap to your glorious fall into the water. Be sure to mind these boulders.

Peliskuv Bridge weir

Once you are done with some snack, you sit back on your boat and admire YMCA Masaryk Camp one kilometer down the stream. One kilometer more there is Sobesin-Mazourov weir which is in bad shape. The canal is not in use (only for getting a boat over). However, it is passable right from the canal. Ride diagonally to the left to avoid boulders resting on weir’s bed. The right part of the weir is dangerous for rafts. A raft can receive significant damage because there are exposed metals.

Soběšín-Mazourov weir   Soběšín weir

Another Sobesin weir is another 1,5 kilometers down the stream. This one is in very good condition and passable through its canal. Towards the end of your journey, there is only a camp to your larboard. Also, notice beautiful nature of the Sazava around you. You may also see a kingfisher, heron, coypu, or otter. Once you notice a beautiful chateau rising above the gree than you are already closing to your final destination. this amazing piece of architecture is situated in Cesky Sternberk.

finish line

I wish you great weather and good water level. Ahoy!

GPS: (Camp Horka II) 49°44'18.1"N 15°07'45.1"E


Text and photos: Martina Brožková

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