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Excursion in Poland - watter trip

Published: 14.9.2007
Why not to go to Poland ? In past, we went there for shopping. The excursions to the seashores were effected seldom, anyway, it has its magic. But, frankly speaking, who prefers Baltic sea which is too cold ? The times are changing, so more excursions with paddles appear. First, we discovered lakes area which are Mazury Lakes in north eastern part of the country.

Anyway, we find that Poland is interwoven with nest of rivers and small rivers, sometimes flowing independently, sometimes connecting the lakes. The rivers, suitable for watermen touring were discovered, first of all, near to the Czech-Polish border, they are Kwisa, Bobr and others. Successively, the further rivers are navigated by Czech and Moravian watermen in many parts of Poland.

Warta-river belongs to very interesting targets. The distance is is not big – from Ostrava to Czenstochowa it is 170 kms. You can navigate the river from here. However, you find its most interesting section somewhere else. A small tributary, named Liswarta, is navigable also during summer months. Provided you start your drive from village of Zawada, (you go by car 20 kms ahead) you navigate 20 kms on Liswarta and more than 50 kms on Warta. You can continue ahead, of course, you have to drive further 587 kms to the Warta-mouth to Odra near to the town of Kostrzyn.

Liswarta navigation is sufficient for the first day. The river pleasantly turns, some islands, overgrown with grass, or sometimes sandy beaches, appear. The stream is surprisingly quick, so we have fully use our waterman art, in order not to be hung somewhere in willov-tree cops along banks. From a bridge, not far from Zawada, one damaged weir waits for us, otherwise, the stream is very pleasant. A foot-bridge appears from time to time, so no trace of civilization is ahead. Anyway, you can watch a heron or cormorant.

Howerver, attention at next tributary from the right side! It is not confluence with Warta-river, it is a tributary of Kocinka, the river of nearly same  power as Liswarta. The confluence with Warta-river follows later, after next 2 kms. Immediately after confluence, you find suitable camping place, near to the community of Kule. Here, you find also rent office.

In Poland, you do not find typical pubs as it is in Czech Republic. Anyway, in each village there is a „sklep“ – shop. In front of it, you find always several benches and table, made from wood. You can sit here, have a drink and eat something from your supplies. Attention, you do not see a village from the river, so we recommend you to follow the terrain according to your maps and bridges you meet. From the bridge, always leads the way to some village nearby.

The next day, the navigation to the town of Dzialoszyn is still pleasant, pine-wood forests border the river from time to time, and if you navigate in right time-period, mushroom picking is very successfull. Near to Dzialoszyn at railway bridge, there is some strange building, reminding sluices.  We let it be and continue in navigation. It would be more simple to drive on left side and carry over the boats across a weir in front of the town. The navigation through a mill-race is long and it terminates with a weir directly in town. We can have a rest at a weir and if it is cold weather, to make a fire.

The stop in town is worth in a moment, subject we need to go shopping, visit the bank or take a lunch  in a restaurant. Further ahead, the river flows to „Zaleczanske Park Krajoobrazowy“. There is no problem with paddling nor camping. Anyway, you have to leave the camping place in the same state is it was before your arrival, it is a general custom.

The places for passing the night are marvellous pine-wood forest, meadow with sandy beach,  a small village not far distant. What about people? They are agreeable, ready to help and advice, prefer pratteling, they do not have any obstacles against watermen and camping. For romantic souls, there are pleanty of places available outsite communications, we find it, form water quite easy.

Warta-river successively becomes more stroger, the stream is more calm, the river flows ahead. Some small islands appear, the banks are still bordered with meadows and pine-wood forests. We can enjoy this section, provided weather allows, it is not necessary to go through as soon as possible. The navigation along the river is sufficient for week´s water - wandering.

Near to the next camping place of Bobrowniki we find a Mount of St. Jenovefa with the caves. As soon as we arrive to next – not high weir, behind the bridge at Kamion village, we carry over our boats on right side, we reach camping place Krzeczow where we can terminate our wandering, or overnight and continue.

However, our cars are parked just on this place, and the week is over! 

Text/foto: Vojta Jančar


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